Thursday, January 31, 2008

ScMhrd gd-pi paRt 2.

Now i comE to the nExt part mE scMhrd group discussiOns.
As soON as i eNtered the areNa i saW a cOUplE OF nErvOus guYs,one oF theM was so obsessEd with hoW his tie is thaT wheNever you saW him his haNds wiLl be on his nEck.theN there waS this oTher guY who was comparativEly caLmEr,caLm to suCh eXtent thaT he wOuLd noT tAlK itseLf..theN wE wENt to the 5 th fLoor where it wAs supposEd to tAke PlACE..anD we wEre told to go dOwn to the groUnd fLOor anD registEr first.the eLEvatOr tooK aN age to COme up anD oUr tie-guY was so furioUs thAt he wOULD eveN tEll us thaT wE shoUlD haVE wAlkEd.bUt theN the lifT caMe anD wE wENt DOwn..registEreD mYseLF For the gd anD wAs toLD to tAkE the fifth seAt in the third roW..i saT anD wAs BEtwEen a giRl from gurgAON anD a feMAlE froM deLhi.her nAMe wAs SAKSHi ,thaT i DO reMEmber.i guEss i will writE in morE onCe i am OnLine on a coMp.mY haNds are paining tApping aWay theSe keys.

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