Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Symbi viSit

Why doEs it happen to me only..again i was in the middle of a post anD the mobile wENt off.well i wENt to sibM campus today.i had actually expected a vast campus but it was a simplE building with four floors,however the cafeteria is good anD hence i haVE no complaints.i guEss thats why they have moved to a new campus in some lavale village in some knowledge city.well as soon as i entered the campus i knew i wanted to be there very baDly.
After spending some timE in the canteEn i stArted walking aimlessly anD found out the symbiosis international university building.it had a lot of countries flag on its facade,signifying its international nature.then i caught an auto back anD saw a lot of potential places to hang out anD came back to the room anD wanted to take a short nap but i coULDnt because symbiosis was running all over me.

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