Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Does ANyONe cARE.?

Well.This is the picture of a hapless dogs body stuck in between the railings of the divider of the road that leads to my college.Well when i first saw it I had no idea what the hell it was on this bloody earth.?

It did not take me much time to figure out what it was but just look at the way the death struck that dog!!I am personally a big animal lover and I absolutely love dogs.I dont have any idea as to what might have happened .It is obvious that it was hit by a vehicle but then the way it has ended up is seriously strange.Can someone even try to explain what might have happened and how is it possible for the body to be in such a terrible and arcane position.

Was it trying to cross the road .?If yes then I am sure it would have prefferd the other two entries.The ones on its sides..If it was hit by a vehicle,how come it is in such an odd position,stuck between those barricades.?Mysterious!!Its head has almost done a 180 degree vertical flip to the other side and is almost detatched..

Whatever it was ..It was sad and strange at the same time.It is damn sad as to what this dog might have gone through while being stuck in such a difficult position.You often see in all these animal planet and stuff as to how they rescue even a cat or a bird stuck somewhere in US or other foreign countries but here if a cat or any other animal is stuck somewhere ,say on an electric post or something the best way to bring it down will be stoning it till it jumps amd loses its life or eventually dies after getting stoned.Well it is such a pity that in a country where animals like cows and rats are given godly status, there itself none cares a fig for animal life.There might be an animal welfare group but who knows them.?We just feel their presence once in a while in the news channels where they protest on something but the baseline is that none knows whom to contact if they do need to, in any emergency.
So many people do trade in tiger skins and other animal parts of endangered species but it is very sad to see the govt spending less on these matters and even when it does the results are in the negative more often than not. I personally remember seeing sharks fin soup on the menu of a chinese restaurant in ooty.I wanted to raise my voice against it but who will listen to it?.we often listen to the news of Prahlad kakkar meeting the PM but unfortunately nothing follows it and wildlife is put at a risk.
so many elephants killed either by a running train or an electric fence set up by the people and the most strange part of it all was that paris hilton gave a statement supporting the plight of the wild elephants but there has been no considerable move by the Govt of India.
i would personally like to do something for the welfare of animals and hope that i will be able to do it efficiently once i have the authority to change of luck to myself!!

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