Wednesday, January 9, 2008

whats happening.?

Am i too sleepy or is it for real that the font of my previous post is totally different to what i had previewed.All of a sudden the last couple of lines have increased their font size..
Am i hallucinating.?
Whatever..Anyways I dont think it looks that bad , so let it be like that.
And ya.I am thinking of linking the blogger account to orkut pretty soon.Let the things around like admissions and stuff settle and then i will link it up so that my friends still  catch up with me.I seriously hope that they also catch up with blog pretty soon.wont it be fun being away from each other and still being able to monitor everyone and know what all the person is doing ,sitting miles apart.Well,this is nothing but the marvels of the new web revolution.Its something that is invaluably important to our lives and we are all connected to each other through the wonderful web.Be it blog,mails,chat or social networking.

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