Wednesday, January 23, 2008

anOTHER Late NIgHt

Another late night,1:20 right now.Not even close to feeling sleepy.Well vivekananda beleived that a person needs to sleep only for 4 hours and use the rest of the time for his/her betterment .Well not sure if i can follow the whole statement but sleeping for fours certainly finds a supporter in me.

Some jerk in the T.V is right now advising on the stocks-on what to buy and what not to buy.well,the stock market s fell by 1400 points yesterday and that to after it rallied for 600 points near the closing bell.Well do i care?Right now,No.Because I dont have any cash up there in the markets and pretty happy that I do not have any cash right now in the midst of this juggernaut.Some of my friends(READ:kUMAR ) ,who do have it, might still be having sleepless nights.As far as I am concerned it is an interesting development and a great oppurtunity for new entrants like me,but I do not have any other proof apart from my PAN card which I got for the markets only but I am waiting for things to settle down,especially my admission and once it does I will get into it..sooner or later..

Another news is that Sharukh is going to pump in some money into the IPL cricket league..Well he is certainly one person who knows where to put his money.Maximum publicity.He is the ambassador or the media face for FORCE INDIA too.The first Indian f1 car by Mallya.

Ya,mentioning Mallya,I just remembered a joke by him, which Javi told ,well dont know if its true or not because when it comes to fabrication and exxageration we both share a great cordial relation.Well the incident goes like this- "Vijay mallya sees Mukesh ambani at a party and is surprised to see a person like Mukesh who is pretty introvert,in a party.Mukesh meets him and during their conversation he brags that his earnings in a month is equal to the earnings of Mallya during the whole year.mallya,being at his flamboyant best casually tells him that whatever Mukesh Ambani spends in an year,he spends in a month".Whether its true or not,well..I have doubts but then I dont have rock hard principles of truth and neither have I pledged to tell only the truth in this blog beleive it or not..

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