Thursday, January 10, 2008


January 10 00:54
Well I was just goin through all the pictures we took ..and found this one..a funny one..thought i ll write about it..
It was at the jenney club swimming pool.Let me be honest and start with a disclaimer that, I am not a great ace swimmer,not even close to an amateur and can just about manage to paddle my legs and hands in such an awkward way that the onlookers feel sorry for me and are willing to help me out.Now i know much more though.Atleast i would like to believe so.
Well we decided that we ll take a picture with us giving a picture perfect shot.Unfortunately that was not to be,courtesy:me,but it was much more than that i guarantee..Starting from left,i guess its Tinku first..He is an elegant swimmer i must confess..Second in the water ,totally out of place its me,i ll come to it later..i deserve a lot of space here..third in ..hmmm..I cant figure it out but i think its Sahil..i hate him when i am in the pool ..he is up with all the pranks and mostly against me!!
Next in the picture in the blazing red shorts is Eugene,in short,ug.Just look at him man..!!He is defying the law of gravity ,only to prove it  right later by slamming into the water and hitting the floor..That must have hurt mate :) Next in line is prinz,he is all set for a perfect landing and outside the pool is vineeth ,dont know who he is checking out..!!
Till we saw the pic later when we reached home ,none realised the mistake in the photo..
Well i was the mistake..I tried jumping into the water with all grace but ended up hitting it flat on my chest and then i think i was looking on the side and making sure none else saw that rather embarassing odyssey..I think thats when i was caught on the frame looking left..damn it whoever took the bloody pic!!
Well here goes another small confession..I am scared of water!!Not of any boat rides or any water sports but getting into the water..Whatever phobia you might call it..On the same day this pic was taken i remember sahil pushing me into the other end of the pool,the deep one..And i was like a helpless soul just wishing that someone saw my drowning hand..Water in my lungs and everywhere inside me..It was as if i was drowning and i couldnt see anything around and believe me it feels awkward..Its like none of the bastards are watching you..and you think of all the good moments that the dry land offered you..Have to get over this fear man..well soon soon ..I dont know how but someone jumped in and then guided me along to safety..God bless!!
On the whole it was just another fun day.I guess we decided to swim that day because it was a bandh that day in tamil nadu ..well that is rare..
Speaking about bandhs I am temped to write another post on kerala and the bandhs there..I guess i ll do it next..

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