Friday, January 11, 2008

I know whats gona happen today..not again!!

Why a coffee picture..?Well, I need coffee!!Shit sleepy.I dint know how it again became 2:45 am..It was just 11 a few minutes back.There is no coffee also.Time just flew as i was surfing through the net.Well, Its gona be a familiar picture when I wake up.
I ll wake up around 8:30 now,I will be the last or the second last to wake up(prinz and me are very competitive when it comes to waking up late).Go in for a quick shower minus the hot water.Dress up and rush for college,no pen ,no book and be late.Make fun of the other science block students who are standing outside for being late.Arrive near our block,Find the doors shut and spend the next 40 minutes outside in the canteen,message someone and ask what the first hour is and who is taking..and then rush to get the attendance,again being given a last exciting,unpredictable!!
Sit for a couple of hours and after getting fed up of all the long,boring ,senseless lectures,we will get up and bid goodbye to college for the day.Attending the second half is never an option..Never was,too..
I dont remember a single day when we were a little early to college..Forget early, I dont even remember when we were on time or late by a couple of minutes..Cos we show up only after 10 mins o so..who cares anyaway..its still a free country..
Cook will be making food at home.Have food and gossip(READ bitching) and sleep off!!Get up and have the evening tea at aasai bakery..Same thing  everyday..
I hereby promise myself that I will get up early today and have a new routine for the day..lets see if I hold strong to my commitment..
Thats it..Going to stop..Too sleeepy to type..Have commitments!!Remember!!

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