Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I am waLkin aWay..anD loviNg iT..

I haD dinner at a veg restaurant just outside the lodge.after that now i am just walking outside on the streets anD man! It feels good.a COLD breeze blowing right on my face,people in their winter attire walking off.
Just came across an interesting plAcE.its just by the side of the road anD many people are sitting on the chairs there anD chatting.people discussing their day,guys confiding about girls,old peOple with some one..its like you are sitting anD seeing all the rush flow by anD enjoy the slow pace of the night here ,by the roAd..its so refreshing..an airtel logo on my right brightens up..same is the case of an idea logo in yellow..there are hoardings of sigma onE,a lifestyle furniture shop to my right anD a pinnacle group hoarding further to my right..the light changes from yellow to red anD a bus slams its brakes anD enDs up a metre or so ahead of the line.. The book vendors by the side pack of the second hand booKs anD while every one is packing off ,a ragpickEr comes anD sits next to me anD emptieS his collection anD sprints across to thE roAD to pick up a boTtLE throWn by a person..life certainly is moving hEre,something that nevER happENEd in coimbatore or kEraLA..i am loving it..
Now i am baCK in the roOm anD it feEls pleAsanTlY warm afTEr haVing thaT breeZy wAlk..

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