Monday, January 28, 2008

18:48 train diaries..the train

Well.I am in the Lokmanya Tilak Express anD mad at myself as I skipped while I was going to publish one bLog that I had typed in this mobile with so much pain anD effort anD what DO i DO after typing all that? I skip!noThing much to DO anyways so I shall start everything all over again.As oF now 2 ppl sit in front of me,a senior citizen anD another fellow,to my right sits a man with a pony tail anD the laDy I met on the train to his further right.By the way I had lost my article in the bLog when I was in Hindupur ,that is in Andhra, i suppose.Took a snap of a couple of monkeys in the Hindupur station beFore they soUNded threatening anD I hurried my steps towards the train.We had exams today anD all of the guys in the room must have gone for it ,noT that they care for it but they just have to attend anD as my friend put up I caN'legally bunk exams!
TimE has moved pretty fast.I dont get bored anymore these days.I just have so much to dream.I dont know how this post is going to end up as its the first timE I am blogging through my mobile.JAVI anD eugene dropped me in the station today anD the train started at 8 04 am.Got my ticKEt confirmed yesterday anD hence having a pretty peaceful journey.Well I wouldnt have minded even if the journey was through general compartment.I dont know but is nt it different from all the regular travels.?A challenge probably.the pony tail guy,who is to my right,his phone rings up anD he answers it in BOND style.instead of'bond,james bond' he says something like'pandyan,sakkara pandyan' anD he excuses himself anD goes oFf.I was reading 'the world is flat'for the second timE by Thomas Friedman,guess it might help in interviews.Well my mobiles charge is dropping anD I hope it stays on till tomorrow morning 10 35.When I am supposed to reach puNE.Some station has come anD I hope I caN charge my mobile.Let me seE.Well the stop is Srisatyasai Prashantinilayam .Pleasant climate.
The text limit in the mobile is 5524 words anD I hope I dont exceed that soon.Man!charge is dropping anD there is no charger any where close by anD if I go a little more distance to charge my mobile,either i will find the chargeR or will miss the train.A tea vendor screams 'chai chai' anD I hope he comes here as I badly nEed one but the voice seems to go farther.The DOppLEr effect someone explained.One guy comes anD asks if I need bhel puri.well my stomach was screaming out yeah but i dont know why,I said no.Now I regret.

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