Tuesday, February 5, 2008

BAg pacKing MoNth..on tHE Move..

Well this moNth haS truly beeN tHe on tHE Move moNth,as far as i am concerned.that toO aT a timE wheN guYs are having exams baCk iN coimbatore.28 th f jaN ,i boardEd tHe train to puNe.reached there On tHE nExt day.roaMed aroUND A LOT THERE..31st was tHe scmhrd interview,that itself was like a trip.on1st it was an interview at sibm.weNt to bomBay tHe nExt day.camE to puNe aFterwards and then wEnt to mY aUNts plAce thaTs around 30 kms froM puNe.tOok nicE rest there fOr a couplE OF days but theN this moNth haS been for anything but rest:)so i deCided to go to shirdi for a couplE OF days too , and am currently iN a bus to shirdi.and thats not all!!i might go bacK to MY aUNts plACe toMorrow and then will pack OF for puNE city tHe day after.tAke a roOm oUtside and mEet some peOple.there is an interview on tHE 9 th and then comEs tHe best part.i am oFf to goa for a coUplE OF dAys.well i hAVE travelled so mUch on mY oWn this timE thaT even goA dOEs Not excite ME Enough.

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