Thursday, January 31, 2008

ScMhrd gd-pi paRt 2.

Now i comE to the nExt part mE scMhrd group discussiOns.
As soON as i eNtered the areNa i saW a cOUplE OF nErvOus guYs,one oF theM was so obsessEd with hoW his tie is thaT wheNever you saW him his haNds wiLl be on his nEck.theN there waS this oTher guY who was comparativEly caLmEr,caLm to suCh eXtent thaT he wOuLd noT tAlK itseLf..theN wE wENt to the 5 th fLoor where it wAs supposEd to tAke PlACE..anD we wEre told to go dOwn to the groUnd fLOor anD registEr first.the eLEvatOr tooK aN age to COme up anD oUr tie-guY was so furioUs thAt he wOULD eveN tEll us thaT wE shoUlD haVE wAlkEd.bUt theN the lifT caMe anD wE wENt DOwn..registEreD mYseLF For the gd anD wAs toLD to tAkE the fifth seAt in the third roW..i saT anD wAs BEtwEen a giRl from gurgAON anD a feMAlE froM deLhi.her nAMe wAs SAKSHi ,thaT i DO reMEmber.i guEss i will writE in morE onCe i am OnLine on a coMp.mY haNds are paining tApping aWay theSe keys.

SCMhrd gd anD PI.. the firsT inTErvieW is DOne anD wasnt it greAt.i slEpt yEstErday aroUND 12 anD wOke up at 5 bUt theN the moRning chilL anD the BlAnket wEre faR MORe compeLling thaN the prospecT oF an inTErview.
I goT up aT 6 anD whaT the heLl.?no hoT i gaThered soME cOurage anD tOok a showEr in the artIc watErs..drEssing up tooK a loT OF timE..firsT timE i waS dressing up fOr an inTErvieW man..AFter haLf an hoUr oF struGgling wiTh the shirt anD the tie,s waS All reADy to go to scMhrd was in somE inTErnatioNal conVEntion was big anD beAUtiful.i tOoK an aUtO to the senaPATI BApat roAD anD the COLD maDe ME shuDder,it almOSt tore mE inTo twO.bUt theN reMEmbering thaT i wAS in formAl clotheS anD thaT i haD to acT FormallY as wELl,so i gaTheRed soME streNgth anD saT upright bUt iNsiDe i wanTEd to cUrl up noT giVing a DaMn if mY shiRt WOuLD be creAsed or noT.
So theN i reAChed icc somEhow anD was bloWn away by thEir building.i think i think will stOp thiS bLOg anD conTinUE in a nEW the way i dOnT kNoW where i haVE reAched righT NoW,i wAS Just waLking aND eNjOying the suN anD i am fAr oFf From mY plACE.I SEE a big lic bUilding righT in fronT oF mE anD a puNE musiC hoUse anD a cOUplE OF giRls spEeding aWay in an actIvA anD almOst raMming intO an aUTO ,anD theY giVE this dismAl looK thaT everyOnE stArts blAMing the aUtO guY,wEll,oBVioUslY wheN there are twO preTtY giRlS inVOLVEd who wiLl tAkE the siDe oF the pooR old heFTY BUrlY looKing guY with a tuMmY thaT is aLMoSt toUching the speEDomEter..anD the guY Curses anD the giRls go scOtt Free with somEoNE waiting to be their nEXt vicTim..

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

D day is inching clOser..anD i aM prepaRed..

So.jUst a feW hoUrs befOre mY syMbiosis dreAM tAkEs wings.scMhrd is firsT in linE.they haVE an eliminaTion proCess aCCOrding to which theY will seLEct you for the personAl inTervieW onLy if theY finD you suitAbLe Enough in the groUp discUssions .i bELieVE i caN clEar thaT easilY,i jUst nEed to be mYseLF.i haVEnt prePared on any tOpic as suCh buT i beleive thaT whaTEver comEs MY way i wilL haNdle it.i rehEarsed a littLE For the inTervieWs anD its coMing oFf NicEly.earlIer i did noT thinK thaT I NEeded a resuMe because i DOnT havE any job eXperience as suCh neither am i goIng for a jOb.a loT OF peOplE haD a lOT OF opinions reGarding the way the resuMe shoulD loOk aND as always i haVE a proBlEm with somEthing thaT is prescribed anD i thinK rather thaN heEding tO all those ideAs it will be better if i jUst haVE a plAin vaNilla inTroduction with name,education anD aim in it anD theN whaTEver the inTErvieWer has to ask he/she caN ask mE.i aM righT in froNt oF them signEd ,seAlEd anD deLivEred.whaT MoRe DO theY NEed.?ask ME anYthing on mYseLF anD i shaLl comE up with a befitting aNswEr anD thaT shoUlD Be MoRe thaN ENough.
TOmOrrOw i aM gonA wear My whitE shirt anD the creAm troUsers anD a blAck tie.wEll i haVE a proBlEm with thaT too.why shoUlD wE stick on to the age old british traditioNs .why cOulDnt the institution meNtion that onE has to be in inDian clothes raTher thaN stricTly wEstErn or the euphemistic equivalent tht is'formal wEar'.in the eNd mBa s are supposed tO think different anD oUt oF the boX righT.?
Well i guEss My MoM will be daMn tEnse as of Now anD My dad too woUlD be tEnse bUt theN he wOulD noT shoW it.mY MoM movie other haND will Just poUr oUt everything in her minD, oVer the phonE..wEll she cares a loT thAts why..i wilL stAy truE to aLl their eXpeCtations anD DO wEll..

It JUSt geTs i going tO goA now!?

It has happeNEd FOr the Fourth timE thaT the moBilE goEs oFf wheN i tYPe anD am almost going to finish thaT particUlar posT.i haVE loADs oF timE so i caN retype it again.
WEll in the mORning SAHiL caLlEd up anD conFirmed the plaN thaT wE haD seT to go to goA..yes..yOu hEArd mE right i will be going tO goA. I haVE a bUsy schedule i guEss.toMorrow anD day afteR will be the inTErvieWs at symBi,theN i haVE to go to My aunts plAcE fOr a coUple oF daYs,i mighT go to shirdi fOr a coUplE OF daYs becAUse i oWE so mUch to sai..theN i wilL have to reTurn bacK to My auNTs plAcE anD comE back again to the saME plAcE where i aM stAYing righT Now to atTend the siiB inTErvieW On the 9 th.
AfTEr the 9 th i aM OFf to goA.i guEss wE haVe alreADy booKEd the roOMs aT a hoTEl nEAr baga
BeAch.this is whaT i cALl fOrward thinking,foR the firsT timE shoWn by mY roOmmatEs.oF couRse beCAuse its goA.a coUplE OF daYS there,wEll, i DonT knoW hoW i aM gonA geT cash fOr all thiS but somEhow wheN yOU want somEthing baDly everything stArts faLling intO their plAcEs easing oUt the jigsaw being an optimist i beLieVE everything wilL geT sortEd OUt soon..its surely goimg to be great fun.everytime some idea like this floats up ,it gets cancelled just because one person cannot make it ,but this tiome we have decided no matter ,even if its only 2 people we will still proceed and go on to wherever we have of now,me,sahil,eugene ,naseeb and tariq are going along with the plan and we have already booked a couple of aunt might make a big issue but then i will sort it out,i have always done so.hopefully dad passes on some cash for the journey ,he already has done so much for me but then i think i will make everything worth once i get settled.
As i looK dOwn from the balCOny i caN seE a yOUNg guY who is mAd.he is cUrsing everyOnE anD kicking the roAD preTty badly anD is all angRy anD shoUting aT his toP vOice,theN suDdeNly he is all Normal anD tAkEs oUt the bluEtooth heAdset on which he was tALking.i DonT knoW if i was the onLy persoN who thought like that,anYways,
I thinK i aM going craZy anD haVE to stOp righT Now!!

GooD Morning

So onE More day fOr the scMhrd inTervieWs.i am very reLaXEd anD positivE.jUst gave the shirts anD pants fOr iroNIng.i actuALlY wOke up at 5 today bUt the mOrning chiLl made puT the alaRm to a stOp anD slEep agaiN.woKe up aroUND 9 30 anD wENt to haVE teA anD noW i aM baCK with the nEWspapeRs.loads oF peOple i caN seE are in their fOrmalS anD thaT too stuDents.i guEss theY All have comE For the inTerviews toO.i jUst haVE to rehearse a FeW aNswErs onCE MoRe anD geT My reSuME DOnE anD theN thaTs it.
WhilE on the roAD i cOulD seE peoplE ruNning tO Their oFficEs,a nicE giRl hastENing her stEps to CaTch an autO bEfOre the oTher person appRoaching it dOes anD a loT oF hustLE bUstle.this is whaT i like anD this is where i bELOng.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I am waLkin aWay..anD loviNg iT..

I haD dinner at a veg restaurant just outside the lodge.after that now i am just walking outside on the streets anD man! It feels good.a COLD breeze blowing right on my face,people in their winter attire walking off.
Just came across an interesting plAcE.its just by the side of the road anD many people are sitting on the chairs there anD chatting.people discussing their day,guys confiding about girls,old peOple with some one..its like you are sitting anD seeing all the rush flow by anD enjoy the slow pace of the night here ,by the roAd..its so airtel logo on my right brightens up..same is the case of an idea logo in yellow..there are hoardings of sigma onE,a lifestyle furniture shop to my right anD a pinnacle group hoarding further to my right..the light changes from yellow to red anD a bus slams its brakes anD enDs up a metre or so ahead of the line.. The book vendors by the side pack of the second hand booKs anD while every one is packing off ,a ragpickEr comes anD sits next to me anD emptieS his collection anD sprints across to thE roAD to pick up a boTtLE throWn by a certainly is moving hEre,something that nevER happENEd in coimbatore or kEraLA..i am loving it..
Now i am baCK in the roOm anD it feEls pleAsanTlY warm afTEr haVing thaT breeZy wAlk..

Symbi viSit

Why doEs it happen to me only..again i was in the middle of a post anD the mobile wENt off.well i wENt to sibM campus today.i had actually expected a vast campus but it was a simplE building with four floors,however the cafeteria is good anD hence i haVE no complaints.i guEss thats why they have moved to a new campus in some lavale village in some knowledge city.well as soon as i entered the campus i knew i wanted to be there very baDly.
After spending some timE in the canteEn i stArted walking aimlessly anD found out the symbiosis international university had a lot of countries flag on its facade,signifying its international nature.then i caught an auto back anD saw a lot of potential places to hang out anD came back to the room anD wanted to take a short nap but i coULDnt because symbiosis was running all over me.

coffeE AT siBm

Well..Reached Pune at 10:30 am today.One of my uncle was there to pick me up.We went in search for some room and got one(name withheld).Got fresh and set out for SIBM.Well I liked the city in the first sight itself.Not bad at all.This is what i like.i already feel a part of it.went to the campus of SIBM and well nothing much is there,four floors.i sent my uncle off so as to explore on my own,spent a lot of time in the SIBM cafeteria,ordered an ice tea and tried listenig to what everyone was speaking about .well it was nothing but food,i thought there will be people in suits and ties ,talking about globalization and business but here i was surrounded by a sea of SIBM-ites cracking jokes and enjoying their lunch.well i hope to be a part of them on mobile was not logging in properly so i come to a net cafe close by and start blogging to pass some to have lunch too but then there is no earth of places here :) have to buy some stuff and get ready for all the interviews and other things.

Monday, January 28, 2008

18:48 train diaries..the train

Well.I am in the Lokmanya Tilak Express anD mad at myself as I skipped while I was going to publish one bLog that I had typed in this mobile with so much pain anD effort anD what DO i DO after typing all that? I skip!noThing much to DO anyways so I shall start everything all over again.As oF now 2 ppl sit in front of me,a senior citizen anD another fellow,to my right sits a man with a pony tail anD the laDy I met on the train to his further right.By the way I had lost my article in the bLog when I was in Hindupur ,that is in Andhra, i suppose.Took a snap of a couple of monkeys in the Hindupur station beFore they soUNded threatening anD I hurried my steps towards the train.We had exams today anD all of the guys in the room must have gone for it ,noT that they care for it but they just have to attend anD as my friend put up I caN'legally bunk exams!
TimE has moved pretty fast.I dont get bored anymore these days.I just have so much to dream.I dont know how this post is going to end up as its the first timE I am blogging through my mobile.JAVI anD eugene dropped me in the station today anD the train started at 8 04 am.Got my ticKEt confirmed yesterday anD hence having a pretty peaceful journey.Well I wouldnt have minded even if the journey was through general compartment.I dont know but is nt it different from all the regular travels.?A challenge probably.the pony tail guy,who is to my right,his phone rings up anD he answers it in BOND style.instead of'bond,james bond' he says something like'pandyan,sakkara pandyan' anD he excuses himself anD goes oFf.I was reading 'the world is flat'for the second timE by Thomas Friedman,guess it might help in interviews.Well my mobiles charge is dropping anD I hope it stays on till tomorrow morning 10 35.When I am supposed to reach puNE.Some station has come anD I hope I caN charge my mobile.Let me seE.Well the stop is Srisatyasai Prashantinilayam .Pleasant climate.
The text limit in the mobile is 5524 words anD I hope I dont exceed that soon.Man!charge is dropping anD there is no charger any where close by anD if I go a little more distance to charge my mobile,either i will find the chargeR or will miss the train.A tea vendor screams 'chai chai' anD I hope he comes here as I badly nEed one but the voice seems to go farther.The DOppLEr effect someone explained.One guy comes anD asks if I need bhel puri.well my stomach was screaming out yeah but i dont know why,I said no.Now I regret.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

sO.we STarT roLLinG ouT for OoTy.

So I have booked my ticket to Pune .Ticket is booked for tomorrow 8 am.
This sections going to be about the start of the trip.
Republic day
Well,we were all sitting in the room looking at each other and doing nothing .Someone told 'man,its so boring'and I heard someone say 'ok,lets go to Ooty' and there we were hitting the road to Ooty.Whenever you plan nothing goes accordingly,its all these out of the blue plans that work!!
Time is 12:43 pm and we hit the road and we leave for Ooty.12:54 we reach at one of the friends place and pick him up.All excited and fill up the tank with a grand worth petrol and roll out.13:10 we are still going on and we get confused as to which road to go.There is one to the left and a way to the right.We take the left and follow the road.7 minutes later we still are confused and dont know if we are going right,but then our spirirts are too high to be pulled down by confusion.Then comes a roadsign confirming that we are on the right road and reach the first hairpin bend for Ooty by 13:57.There are 14 hair pin bends to conquer.By 14:18 the wheel drifts on the corner of the turn and we do the 5th hair pin bend.
We can feel the freshness of the air and feel relieved to escape all the rush and hush of the town,the dust,the busses,everything.we get out and start taking some photos and see a married couple taking some pics too.They call one of us to take a pic with both of them.Well I had a doubt earlier itself that they will want us to take a pic for them because they were had the camera on auto mode and whenever they used to keep it on top of ther car and pose everything else,the mountains,the monkeys in the background,everything would come, apart from them.So after trying so hard to smile and pose and still not get a single pic of them both proper they call one of us.The only thing I was worried was that the guy who went from us to take the pic wouldnt ask the guy to take a pic of him and the wife.Well he would have and then we finally entered ooty city.
More to write.I will keep it for the next blog.Need a right now.

loAds TO Put DOwN buT NO tiME as oF nOW

Reached from Ooty at night ,around one o clock.What a kickass trip it was.Started at 12 45 and reached back around the same time at night,a great 12 hour trip.Loads to write actually and I will do it once I do get some time,probably,later of now ,I have to prepare some answers for the interview I have to give to SCMHRD and SIBM on the 31st of Jan and 1st Feb respectively.Looking forward for that.Have to go to the ticket agency and get my Pune ticket too.Have to get the copy of my tenth marksheet to be submitted for the GD and PI..
Have a lot to write about the Ooty trip .Actually I kept on saving all the events on my mobile so as to remember them all when I blog and hence have to find some peaceful time to get everything down.As of now thats all folks!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

rePuBLic DAY

After sleeping at 5 in the morning yesterday I got up at 9 in the morning.Not bad.Well we are all sitting in the room and watching the TV ..When someone suddenly squeaks 'ooty will be nice now' and off we go to ooty .Getting ready to go there and be back by night.Have a good lunch and probably go to some nice place there and come back.I dont know why I am going but I just cant stop now.Have to prepare a resume and do so many things but they have become secondary now.Eugene and Tariq are not coming as they are out somehwhere but no cancel of plans today.We will go to ooty.Have to start packing as i will be leaving to pune on 28th and be back only by 10th of feb.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Does ANyONe cARE.?

Well.This is the picture of a hapless dogs body stuck in between the railings of the divider of the road that leads to my college.Well when i first saw it I had no idea what the hell it was on this bloody earth.?

It did not take me much time to figure out what it was but just look at the way the death struck that dog!!I am personally a big animal lover and I absolutely love dogs.I dont have any idea as to what might have happened .It is obvious that it was hit by a vehicle but then the way it has ended up is seriously strange.Can someone even try to explain what might have happened and how is it possible for the body to be in such a terrible and arcane position.

Was it trying to cross the road .?If yes then I am sure it would have prefferd the other two entries.The ones on its sides..If it was hit by a vehicle,how come it is in such an odd position,stuck between those barricades.?Mysterious!!Its head has almost done a 180 degree vertical flip to the other side and is almost detatched..

Whatever it was ..It was sad and strange at the same time.It is damn sad as to what this dog might have gone through while being stuck in such a difficult position.You often see in all these animal planet and stuff as to how they rescue even a cat or a bird stuck somewhere in US or other foreign countries but here if a cat or any other animal is stuck somewhere ,say on an electric post or something the best way to bring it down will be stoning it till it jumps amd loses its life or eventually dies after getting stoned.Well it is such a pity that in a country where animals like cows and rats are given godly status, there itself none cares a fig for animal life.There might be an animal welfare group but who knows them.?We just feel their presence once in a while in the news channels where they protest on something but the baseline is that none knows whom to contact if they do need to, in any emergency.
So many people do trade in tiger skins and other animal parts of endangered species but it is very sad to see the govt spending less on these matters and even when it does the results are in the negative more often than not. I personally remember seeing sharks fin soup on the menu of a chinese restaurant in ooty.I wanted to raise my voice against it but who will listen to it?.we often listen to the news of Prahlad kakkar meeting the PM but unfortunately nothing follows it and wildlife is put at a risk.
so many elephants killed either by a running train or an electric fence set up by the people and the most strange part of it all was that paris hilton gave a statement supporting the plight of the wild elephants but there has been no considerable move by the Govt of India.
i would personally like to do something for the welfare of animals and hope that i will be able to do it efficiently once i have the authority to change of luck to myself!!

anOTHER Late NIgHt

Another late night,1:20 right now.Not even close to feeling sleepy.Well vivekananda beleived that a person needs to sleep only for 4 hours and use the rest of the time for his/her betterment .Well not sure if i can follow the whole statement but sleeping for fours certainly finds a supporter in me.

Some jerk in the T.V is right now advising on the stocks-on what to buy and what not to buy.well,the stock market s fell by 1400 points yesterday and that to after it rallied for 600 points near the closing bell.Well do i care?Right now,No.Because I dont have any cash up there in the markets and pretty happy that I do not have any cash right now in the midst of this juggernaut.Some of my friends(READ:kUMAR ) ,who do have it, might still be having sleepless nights.As far as I am concerned it is an interesting development and a great oppurtunity for new entrants like me,but I do not have any other proof apart from my PAN card which I got for the markets only but I am waiting for things to settle down,especially my admission and once it does I will get into it..sooner or later..

Another news is that Sharukh is going to pump in some money into the IPL cricket league..Well he is certainly one person who knows where to put his money.Maximum publicity.He is the ambassador or the media face for FORCE INDIA too.The first Indian f1 car by Mallya.

Ya,mentioning Mallya,I just remembered a joke by him, which Javi told ,well dont know if its true or not because when it comes to fabrication and exxageration we both share a great cordial relation.Well the incident goes like this- "Vijay mallya sees Mukesh ambani at a party and is surprised to see a person like Mukesh who is pretty introvert,in a party.Mukesh meets him and during their conversation he brags that his earnings in a month is equal to the earnings of Mallya during the whole year.mallya,being at his flamboyant best casually tells him that whatever Mukesh Ambani spends in an year,he spends in a month".Whether its true or not,well..I have doubts but then I dont have rock hard principles of truth and neither have I pledged to tell only the truth in this blog beleive it or not..

Tuesday, January 22, 2008



Hmm..Finally ,got the internet connection back and running.nothing much happened today.Was a beautiful day as usual.It always is when you wake up late but then i woke up at 7 today,well.Was woken up would be exact.Got late for college as usual but had good excuses today though.Wont go deep into them.

Anyways got late by 5 minutes (lets keep it at 5) and the college doors again closed but today we planned not to bunk any classes ,dont know what got into us to take such a decision!!They shortened the classes from an hour to a 50 minute period but whoa!,time stops when college goes..50 minutes is an entire life time in the class.It is like all the staff comes in and teach and as soon as they do so the time freezes and everything goes to the slow motion mode.Big yawns and welled up eyes.
Had 5 periods and attended them all and even came to college after lunch.Well that took some convincing though after the paranthas and the lassi we had.Dont know how much attendance percentage i would be having ,well all of us would be having,considering that we have been to college for roughly 8 days and that too is like crossing the threshhold of optimism ,and even those 8 days we ve attended only half days.Well going by the records ,40% attendance will be really gracious although i doubt it.

To add to my miseries , I ll have to take a week off to go to pune for the GDs and PIs.Not that i am complaining on that front.Looking forward to be there.

Have to doze off now or else I will have to copy paste the whole thing for tomorrow also for the likeliness of getting late again.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

No INterNET HerE!! helP


Right now in kerala and as usual net connection not working.Shows up some HTTP error.Well its just out of my comprehension.Why cant they make a simple understandable method in which if an error is there the humble screen just tells you"goodmorning or afternoon.The problem is this and do this to use it again,have a nice day".Instead it shows up some bloody geek code as if we were cryptolgists.

hTTp:!@4225@%#sdfbsgfcontas8345(whatever , somethin like this!!)

Anyways.Have been offline for four days.So here I am in an internet cafe closeby,thinking how to kill some more time.Will be on again sometime soon i guess.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

CHANGE iS thE OnlY PERmaneNT thING-part 1 (hostel)

TRUE..AbSOLutely true..change is infact the only thing that doesnt change.
I dont know why but I suddenly realised that my college days are drawing to an end and lo!!Three years are over.Well almost.Four months more to go.Made a lot of friends and as usual everyone is now geariNG Up to part ways and seek their different goals and aspirations.Dont have any idea where we will all be ten years hence or for that matter even five.
I still remember my first day in hostel when I was accompanied with my parents to the hostel and after everything was arranged they left and then and there began a new life where I was independent ,had to seek for my things.Well i always wanted to live in the hostel as iw was something that i found was extremely interesting and different from the usual course.Ya and i was in the hostel and there was this huge pool of anxious faces who were all new to whatever they were seeing and a bunch of seniors lurking in the background to prey upon us..I instantly struck a chord with few guys there and we were all like small fishes going together in a pack and never leaving each other for the fear of the predator.
That night we were alloted rooms and being in the luxury of home and suddenly being thrown out in the open to the real world did make one feel nostalgic,although i was enjoyng it.I remember 5 or 6 of us in a room and introducing us to each other and asking each other about the schools,friends ,girlfriends and a lot more..
Getting up in the morning early around 4 30 to be the first to take bath..Going for breakfast in the hostel mess..Well those both habits were very shortlived..Trying to disobey the rules of the hostel as much as possible ..These are all things that everyone of us would have gone through..
A special mention to the Oujha board game we played ..I ll take full credits here to say that I introduced it in our hostel and soon it did become a rage..I wonder how many spirits we let lose :) ..There was even a guy who fell unconscious while playing the game..Bribing the watchman to let us free at night and playing in the basketball court till the wee hours of the night and making a lot of noise when the hostel power went off and swearing at the hostel warden.. The useless breakfast,boring lunch and the terrible dinner at the mess..Sitting up late nyt and thinking what we were gona do for the future..Thinking of the three years we had to survive there..
As time passed by,none even cared to wake up early..used to get up at 9 and the college used to start at 9 30..Lectures were as boring and distasteful as they could get..Bunking started becoming the order of the day..
Started violating the hostel in time curfew of 8 30 ..and started getting into the not so good books of the if we cared..Apology letters became gimmicks..
Met a lot of different people from exteremely different backgrounds..
but soon,after spending a year there,hostel started becoming so predictable and boring..Everything around so stale..
Worms in the food,Ants in water and the hostel Chefs(chefs!!that is a lot of respect) ,if you see the way they make food
one might surely give us a bravery award or an endurance award..Not going into the details cos I would like this to be pleasant.Long nights spent talking and the late mornings spent dozing..
A lot more about hostel but then it would just go on and on..shuld have blogged from that time itself..Might add some more to it as i feel..
anyway better late than never..
By the way speaking about late..Its 1 30 now and tommorrow s a Sunday..I guess I will wake up late..

Friday, January 11, 2008

oopS We DID It agaiN!!

Have to say that today was a beautiful day.First time I could feel the mist suspended in the air and the chill surrounding it.First time in coimbatore I mean.Perfect day to laze around.Have coffee,sit chatting and wriggle up in the bed,but sadly it was not to be.Had to go to college!!
I had mentioned in the previous post that I know I will be late today for college and as they say 'thoughts become things' and there we were in college ,late once again.As usual,we went to the canteen and had coffee and sat there.
Past couple of sems we all have been going to college more to drink coffee and eat egg puffs rather than attend classes.Teachers will agree rightaway.Well according to our past experiences and calculations the egg puff comes around 10:15 in the canteen,if the person is not late like us and fortunately he is not.
An hour passed and we thought of going to class but then again no use of going to class if we dont get the first hour attendance and we were in no mood to whine with the staff to get the attendance for the first hour.She would have given but then the past couple of days she had told not to repeat it.not that we care but ego ka sawaal hai.Cant beg everyday right.
We had to kill some more time and went to coffee day..Had chicken tikka sandwich and a coffee toffee or toffee coffee or something like that..Just mentioned cos thinking about it makes me feel good and forget that there wont be any lunch today..Came back some time back..
We refused the cook for a 5000 that he had asked and so what does he do..?stops coming regularly..I knew there was something fishy when he was getting too friendly .I knew he was gona ask for some cash!!
So its like ,I am kinda hungry,well very hungry and cant help it.Dont feel like going out anyways.Being involved in the blog stops me from thinking about food..or atleast thats how i am consoling myself..Well just for sometime..I am hungry!!

I know whats gona happen today..not again!!

Why a coffee picture..?Well, I need coffee!!Shit sleepy.I dint know how it again became 2:45 am..It was just 11 a few minutes back.There is no coffee also.Time just flew as i was surfing through the net.Well, Its gona be a familiar picture when I wake up.
I ll wake up around 8:30 now,I will be the last or the second last to wake up(prinz and me are very competitive when it comes to waking up late).Go in for a quick shower minus the hot water.Dress up and rush for college,no pen ,no book and be late.Make fun of the other science block students who are standing outside for being late.Arrive near our block,Find the doors shut and spend the next 40 minutes outside in the canteen,message someone and ask what the first hour is and who is taking..and then rush to get the attendance,again being given a last exciting,unpredictable!!
Sit for a couple of hours and after getting fed up of all the long,boring ,senseless lectures,we will get up and bid goodbye to college for the day.Attending the second half is never an option..Never was,too..
I dont remember a single day when we were a little early to college..Forget early, I dont even remember when we were on time or late by a couple of minutes..Cos we show up only after 10 mins o so..who cares anyaway..its still a free country..
Cook will be making food at home.Have food and gossip(READ bitching) and sleep off!!Get up and have the evening tea at aasai bakery..Same thing  everyday..
I hereby promise myself that I will get up early today and have a new routine for the day..lets see if I hold strong to my commitment..
Thats it..Going to stop..Too sleeepy to type..Have commitments!!Remember!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

comparing a normal day in kerala

They call it the gods own country and i ll put in my dads words as 'gods own political country'.
I lived continously for three years in kerala during my 5th,6th and 7th standards..I came back again when I had to study for my under graduate degree in coimbatore and hence there were frequent trips to kerala and they still go on.
I would have loved to say that a lot has changed but sadly nothing has changed.Everything remains the same and have deteriorated in case of any change.
I spent a considerable time of my life in faridabad and i thought i would compare a northern place and kerala,from my viewpoint.This is how i see the things from my perspective

If I were in Faridabad or any other northern city,there would have been crowd bustling around on their feet ,not to miss the local train to their work places.chatting between them .loads of activity happening in the street.traffc jams.People getting ready for work,retired people jogging around or practicing yoga at the park.Busses whistling past,autos nearly filled to their maximum capacity but the driver still tries to squeeze in an extra person on his seat for that extra buck.Children giving their goodbye kisses to their parents before the auto or the bus comes to a grinding stop in front of the gates.
Now if i were in kerala-people do wake up early,some of them are sweeping their yards,some lighting the prayer lamps and chanting the prayer in crisp voice into the morning breeze.all is fine and rosy till now.Enchanting!!
You go to the streets you hardly find much activity.People are moving leisurely in a languid manner.None cares to meet any see a bunch of people at the tea shop;nothing wrong with that ,but the thing is that most of these are people in their late twentys and mid thirtys.The family is supposed to be dependent on them but still they are tension free.they can go on and on regarding the political situtation existing there.Infact I believe people in kerala might be the most aware about the political situations of their place than any other state.A lot of time is being wasted and cups of tea being ordered.I think it was OSCAR WILDE who quoted that 'whats the use of a cynic who knows the price of everything but value of none',that holds true here.

Up there in the north people will be dismantling the floors of their lunch boxes.Sitting in a group and chatting and breaking away pieces of roti and dipping it into dal curry and eating it fast enough so that they can be back for the job before the deadline.
Everyone has lunch in kerala too but then they come home and have it as usual in a leisure pace and probably have a siesta.Somewhere in the background an auto passes with a political partys flag announcing a meet on a certain date.

Well people come back to their home in the evening or at night after a days hard work..spend some revitalising time with their family..Have a nice dinner and watch some tv or a movie.
Back here in kerala,many people are in these small tody shops,having a wine bottle on its board and tody painted in white almost fading away ,waiting for the next drink to come and shell out all they have not caring if someones waiting at home or not.
By the way,kerala is the largest liqour consumer in the whole country.They come back home ,managing their way somehow.Rake up a fight under the influence of the wonder liquid,exhaust themselves and fall off somewhere to wake up to another normal morning.
Well i had originally pasted the above photos and was planning to write about the political strikes and bandhs but somehow i forgot and wrote the above.Please note that the above mentioned is not the condition of the whole state and many people do mean business here and are very dedicated..its just my frustration on the state of affairs that has led me to write all this most of it which cOuld be biased and not agreeable.It should not be seen as an attack on the malayalees but just an expression of sadness..what the hell..Everyone has the write to express right.?


January 10 00:54
Well I was just goin through all the pictures we took ..and found this one..a funny one..thought i ll write about it..
It was at the jenney club swimming pool.Let me be honest and start with a disclaimer that, I am not a great ace swimmer,not even close to an amateur and can just about manage to paddle my legs and hands in such an awkward way that the onlookers feel sorry for me and are willing to help me out.Now i know much more though.Atleast i would like to believe so.
Well we decided that we ll take a picture with us giving a picture perfect shot.Unfortunately that was not to be,courtesy:me,but it was much more than that i guarantee..Starting from left,i guess its Tinku first..He is an elegant swimmer i must confess..Second in the water ,totally out of place its me,i ll come to it later..i deserve a lot of space here..third in ..hmmm..I cant figure it out but i think its Sahil..i hate him when i am in the pool ..he is up with all the pranks and mostly against me!!
Next in the picture in the blazing red shorts is Eugene,in short,ug.Just look at him man..!!He is defying the law of gravity ,only to prove it  right later by slamming into the water and hitting the floor..That must have hurt mate :) Next in line is prinz,he is all set for a perfect landing and outside the pool is vineeth ,dont know who he is checking out..!!
Till we saw the pic later when we reached home ,none realised the mistake in the photo..
Well i was the mistake..I tried jumping into the water with all grace but ended up hitting it flat on my chest and then i think i was looking on the side and making sure none else saw that rather embarassing odyssey..I think thats when i was caught on the frame looking left..damn it whoever took the bloody pic!!
Well here goes another small confession..I am scared of water!!Not of any boat rides or any water sports but getting into the water..Whatever phobia you might call it..On the same day this pic was taken i remember sahil pushing me into the other end of the pool,the deep one..And i was like a helpless soul just wishing that someone saw my drowning hand..Water in my lungs and everywhere inside me..It was as if i was drowning and i couldnt see anything around and believe me it feels awkward..Its like none of the bastards are watching you..and you think of all the good moments that the dry land offered you..Have to get over this fear man..well soon soon ..I dont know how but someone jumped in and then guided me along to safety..God bless!!
On the whole it was just another fun day.I guess we decided to swim that day because it was a bandh that day in tamil nadu ..well that is rare..
Speaking about bandhs I am temped to write another post on kerala and the bandhs there..I guess i ll do it next..

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

whats happening.?

Am i too sleepy or is it for real that the font of my previous post is totally different to what i had previewed.All of a sudden the last couple of lines have increased their font size..
Am i hallucinating.?
Whatever..Anyways I dont think it looks that bad , so let it be like that.
And ya.I am thinking of linking the blogger account to orkut pretty soon.Let the things around like admissions and stuff settle and then i will link it up so that my friends still  catch up with me.I seriously hope that they also catch up with blog pretty soon.wont it be fun being away from each other and still being able to monitor everyone and know what all the person is doing ,sitting miles apart.Well,this is nothing but the marvels of the new web revolution.Its something that is invaluably important to our lives and we are all connected to each other through the wonderful web.Be it blog,mails,chat or social networking.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

POST CAT exams

Well..I had two posts earlier and it was mostly about the cat exam.the exam was not good as i had hoped in my earlier blog.That was written on the 8 th of october if i remember.i had promised that i will blog more after the nov 18 th exam.
It has taken some time,but i will be regularly blogging from know on for sure.I was actually waiting for my other management exam test SNAP s results to be out and well they were excellent according to me.All those expectations and hopes have been answered in the positive by me.i am sure that i will get a call from the major symbiosis institutes and have to attend their group discussuions and personal interviews too.Well i believe i can clear them.It would be nice when i will be writing one of my blogs from one of the symbiosis institutes.
wrote xat also and believe that it was good too.Anyway now i believe that i will be continuing my studies and not having a break as i will get into some of the good institutes .Well i guess i might be sounding a little over confident but then this is my way of keeping myself pepped up all the time ,believing in myself that i can do anything.
It is one of my resolutions this year to be absolutely positive right throughout and dont even think anything other than positive.Believe  me, it helps and gives you great confidence to do anything.
when you want something,all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it-paulo coelho
I dont know if i got that quote exactly right but the meaning is clear i believe.
well its jan 9 ,00:35 am not feeling sleepy.sitting back,typing away and a warm coffee to give me company.prinz too is having coffee and doesnt have any plans to sleep anytime now , he told me.
Have to go to college today atleast.havent been going for a week now.have to look at things on that front too.
I guess thats it for now.I will be back with loads to write.Au revoir.