Tuesday, January 29, 2008

coffeE AT siBm

Well..Reached Pune at 10:30 am today.One of my uncle was there to pick me up.We went in search for some room and got one(name withheld).Got fresh and set out for SIBM.Well I liked the city in the first sight itself.Not bad at all.This is what i like.i already feel a part of it.went to the campus of SIBM and well nothing much is there,four floors.i sent my uncle off so as to explore on my own,spent a lot of time in the SIBM cafeteria,ordered an ice tea and tried listenig to what everyone was speaking about .well it was nothing but food,i thought there will be people in suits and ties ,talking about globalization and business but here i was surrounded by a sea of SIBM-ites cracking jokes and enjoying their lunch.well i hope to be a part of them soon.net on mobile was not logging in properly so i come to a net cafe close by and start blogging to pass some time.got to have lunch too but then there is no earth of places here :) have to buy some stuff and get ready for all the interviews and other things.

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