Wednesday, January 30, 2008

D day is inching clOser..anD i aM prepaRed..

So.jUst a feW hoUrs befOre mY syMbiosis dreAM tAkEs wings.scMhrd is firsT in linE.they haVE an eliminaTion proCess aCCOrding to which theY will seLEct you for the personAl inTervieW onLy if theY finD you suitAbLe Enough in the groUp discUssions .i bELieVE i caN clEar thaT easilY,i jUst nEed to be mYseLF.i haVEnt prePared on any tOpic as suCh buT i beleive thaT whaTEver comEs MY way i wilL haNdle it.i rehEarsed a littLE For the inTervieWs anD its coMing oFf NicEly.earlIer i did noT thinK thaT I NEeded a resuMe because i DOnT havE any job eXperience as suCh neither am i goIng for a jOb.a loT OF peOplE haD a lOT OF opinions reGarding the way the resuMe shoulD loOk aND as always i haVE a proBlEm with somEthing thaT is prescribed anD i thinK rather thaN heEding tO all those ideAs it will be better if i jUst haVE a plAin vaNilla inTroduction with name,education anD aim in it anD theN whaTEver the inTErvieWer has to ask he/she caN ask mE.i aM righT in froNt oF them signEd ,seAlEd anD deLivEred.whaT MoRe DO theY NEed.?ask ME anYthing on mYseLF anD i shaLl comE up with a befitting aNswEr anD thaT shoUlD Be MoRe thaN ENough.
TOmOrrOw i aM gonA wear My whitE shirt anD the creAm troUsers anD a blAck tie.wEll i haVE a proBlEm with thaT too.why shoUlD wE stick on to the age old british traditioNs .why cOulDnt the institution meNtion that onE has to be in inDian clothes raTher thaN stricTly wEstErn or the euphemistic equivalent tht is'formal wEar'.in the eNd mBa s are supposed tO think different anD oUt oF the boX righT.?
Well i guEss My MoM will be daMn tEnse as of Now anD My dad too woUlD be tEnse bUt theN he wOulD noT shoW it.mY MoM movie other haND will Just poUr oUt everything in her minD, oVer the phonE..wEll she cares a loT thAts why..i wilL stAy truE to aLl their eXpeCtations anD DO wEll..

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