Thursday, January 10, 2008

comparing a normal day in kerala

They call it the gods own country and i ll put in my dads words as 'gods own political country'.
I lived continously for three years in kerala during my 5th,6th and 7th standards..I came back again when I had to study for my under graduate degree in coimbatore and hence there were frequent trips to kerala and they still go on.
I would have loved to say that a lot has changed but sadly nothing has changed.Everything remains the same and have deteriorated in case of any change.
I spent a considerable time of my life in faridabad and i thought i would compare a northern place and kerala,from my viewpoint.This is how i see the things from my perspective

If I were in Faridabad or any other northern city,there would have been crowd bustling around on their feet ,not to miss the local train to their work places.chatting between them .loads of activity happening in the street.traffc jams.People getting ready for work,retired people jogging around or practicing yoga at the park.Busses whistling past,autos nearly filled to their maximum capacity but the driver still tries to squeeze in an extra person on his seat for that extra buck.Children giving their goodbye kisses to their parents before the auto or the bus comes to a grinding stop in front of the gates.
Now if i were in kerala-people do wake up early,some of them are sweeping their yards,some lighting the prayer lamps and chanting the prayer in crisp voice into the morning breeze.all is fine and rosy till now.Enchanting!!
You go to the streets you hardly find much activity.People are moving leisurely in a languid manner.None cares to meet any see a bunch of people at the tea shop;nothing wrong with that ,but the thing is that most of these are people in their late twentys and mid thirtys.The family is supposed to be dependent on them but still they are tension free.they can go on and on regarding the political situtation existing there.Infact I believe people in kerala might be the most aware about the political situations of their place than any other state.A lot of time is being wasted and cups of tea being ordered.I think it was OSCAR WILDE who quoted that 'whats the use of a cynic who knows the price of everything but value of none',that holds true here.

Up there in the north people will be dismantling the floors of their lunch boxes.Sitting in a group and chatting and breaking away pieces of roti and dipping it into dal curry and eating it fast enough so that they can be back for the job before the deadline.
Everyone has lunch in kerala too but then they come home and have it as usual in a leisure pace and probably have a siesta.Somewhere in the background an auto passes with a political partys flag announcing a meet on a certain date.

Well people come back to their home in the evening or at night after a days hard work..spend some revitalising time with their family..Have a nice dinner and watch some tv or a movie.
Back here in kerala,many people are in these small tody shops,having a wine bottle on its board and tody painted in white almost fading away ,waiting for the next drink to come and shell out all they have not caring if someones waiting at home or not.
By the way,kerala is the largest liqour consumer in the whole country.They come back home ,managing their way somehow.Rake up a fight under the influence of the wonder liquid,exhaust themselves and fall off somewhere to wake up to another normal morning.
Well i had originally pasted the above photos and was planning to write about the political strikes and bandhs but somehow i forgot and wrote the above.Please note that the above mentioned is not the condition of the whole state and many people do mean business here and are very dedicated..its just my frustration on the state of affairs that has led me to write all this most of it which cOuld be biased and not agreeable.It should not be seen as an attack on the malayalees but just an expression of sadness..what the hell..Everyone has the write to express right.?

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