Saturday, November 8, 2008

You Hindu! ME Christian!You Muslim!

'Its sad that you people misinterpret the only book that you have read.'
Leonardo di caprio to fanatics who claim to be following Allahs messages ,From the movie 'Body of lies'
"Its not that the question relates to wiping out of hindus from the state but the fact of the matter is that we are against conversion of religion because we consider this as a step against our god given identity" said some CMP activist after I was on my way back home after seeing the latest bond flick Quantum Of Solace.For those who dont know what CMP is .Well I dont think it is that important or worth mentioning ..they call themselves Communist Marxist Party which is a local party in Kerala extending its support to the Indian National Congress govt in Kerala(Where else?Gods own political country!).
I just wish my dad wasnt there with me as I would have got down and asked 'Miss GSR(God Sent Representative).could you please tell me what religion god wanted me to be in.?"Why is it such a hard question ?Because my dad is a muslim and my mom a hindu.Answer Miss.GSR?
what is the religion that i am supposed to follow?what religion did god bestow me with?
Well the debate was about religious conversion because of which we have just witnessed the so called secular nation being put to utter shame by what has happened in Orissa and is fast spreading on like an uncontrollable hysteria and the all the involved parties blazing all guns against each other and calling the others 'blasphemous' .referring to the Orissas,Gujarats and the myriad other havens of discrimnate politics of course.
Orissan govt approves of the religious conversion act of 1967 which states that religious conversion is perfectly fine as long as its not forceful or through ways of coercion.Now our Hindu brothers are scared that Christians are converting underprivliged people in orssa and all over by enticing them financially and making use of their illiteracy .Now, would nt we all like to know why there is this ILLITERACY and POVERTY that has led the people to convert into other religions?
well these underpriviliged are mostly DALITS. A class of people who are ousted from the hindu society.Not allowed to pray to the same god that created them by barring entry in temples.Not allowed to walk before a HIGH class brahmin.Secluded Segregated and Discriminated ruthlessly as if they were not of the same skin and the same cubits of length..Exploited and violated all through out..where human rights are a mere mockery and a book that will never be flipped.

We saw Graham staines along with his ten year old and six year old sons Timothy and Philips being mercilessly torched in their station wagon.Why?Because they (of course the god damn fairies and groups)thought that they were spreading christianity by providing support and shelter to the dalits and wanted to oust hinduism from the place and what were the supposedly HINDU organisations doing before that?NOTHING.Dalits were the untouchables who were confined to a 'mochi'(the humble cobbler) status only ,the maximum they could strive for.
Well if you dont want the christian missionaries exalting the dalit status and help them then 'JUST DO IT'(sounds familiar) yourslelf!Dalits have been treated since ages like this and the spirit of hindus (or more appropriately of the caretakers) ignite only when they realise that some foreign missionary is coming and helping out the deprived,may be with the intention to convert them,but then what the heck?provide the underpriviliged a better status and stop treating them as sheeps and dogs then.Even they get treated better.Make them feel a part of the HINDU society rather than a lower step to the upper echelons of the brahmins and the purohits and the other touchable bodies.
We have seen the Graham staines episode,followed by merciless incendiary events that tore the state apart and with it the fundamentals of the secular state philosophy of the Indian constitution.It was followed by the burning of innocent people,raping of nuns,killing of Swami lakshmananda,who was a VHP leader along with 3 others.followed by the never forgiving thirst for revenge and disrupting of christmas celebrations and a lot of fatal exchanges of vendetta and the same old eye for an eye ,tooth for a tooth.
Such a shame! that ought to have left an indelible conspicuous scar on the face of Indian secularism model in front of the world.
Coming back to the question Miss GSR put.I would ask, where is the liberty?humans created religion on the basis of common bonding and beliefs.
Wats wrong in conversion?
Arent we all in the end praying to the same gods that created YOU and ME?
What if I find one religion more appealing than the other because I am not restricted with jargons that a brahmin would throw up at me in sanskrit.
Why shouldnt I want a religion that would teach me in the language I speak?
whats wrong if I start following that religion to learn the same thing that my religion failed to teach me?
and now ..whats wrong if I can find it economically viable to leave my religion and join the other group?
If my religion(Read- caretakers) is so concerned, why doesnt it alleviate my condition?
why cant the people to the CREED I belong empathize and help me get out of a situation where neither do i have an identity nor money to survive for a bare day with just one full meal for the family?
whats the use if I am not recognised for what I am but under what tag I was born as?
worsening the fact is that i ll have to go to the same people who treat me worse than a dog and earn my bread crumbs from them and have no other go.Now wouldnt I be tempted to leave that creed even if someone just gives me an incentive that they would treat me like a human being,poor i may be,but a respectable human being nevertheless.
High time that we all rise up against this petty game of politics.Corrupt unforgiving bad lowly depth of hunger for power .When will we learn?When will we actually implement the words of the holy pages that have been looked over and translated to suit ones views?
And you know what the sad part of all of this is?The most devastating truth ?The inconvinient one?That people like YOU and ME are sitting on our couches ,sippin coke(sounds cool?)and surfing through facebook or orkut,just remmener all these issues once ina whatever moon(you get the damn idea right?) and forget it the next day.THOUGHT.SLEPT.FORGOT.We know what needs to be done but we dont have the will to enact it and blame the whole world.I just hope that I stand out against all this sometime for sure.If not now.probably I am gutless,powerless now but time shall come ,I swear.Thats the only consolation.So should YOU..So should WE..
If u have varied thoughts and think that u can screw me over..comment!!and if YOU agree with me then too COMMENT!!

PS:please dont bother to comment if you havent read and pass comments like 'well written' and ' keep up the good work','i like your work' and all that bullshit,what I call as 'i gave ur blog a hit and posted a comment now comment on mine too' syndrome!!and another point is that I personally dont believe in religions but dont condemn them either and my constant refernce to brahmins or anyother sect isnt meant to be provocative to anyone,just examples meant to relate day to day activities,if anyone does get wild at it then I have to tell them that people ,even I am a brahmin.Thats all.