Thursday, January 31, 2008

SCMhrd gd anD PI.. the firsT inTErvieW is DOne anD wasnt it greAt.i slEpt yEstErday aroUND 12 anD wOke up at 5 bUt theN the moRning chilL anD the BlAnket wEre faR MORe compeLling thaN the prospecT oF an inTErview.
I goT up aT 6 anD whaT the heLl.?no hoT i gaThered soME cOurage anD tOok a showEr in the artIc watErs..drEssing up tooK a loT OF timE..firsT timE i waS dressing up fOr an inTErvieW man..AFter haLf an hoUr oF struGgling wiTh the shirt anD the tie,s waS All reADy to go to scMhrd was in somE inTErnatioNal conVEntion was big anD beAUtiful.i tOoK an aUtO to the senaPATI BApat roAD anD the COLD maDe ME shuDder,it almOSt tore mE inTo twO.bUt theN reMEmbering thaT i wAS in formAl clotheS anD thaT i haD to acT FormallY as wELl,so i gaTheRed soME streNgth anD saT upright bUt iNsiDe i wanTEd to cUrl up noT giVing a DaMn if mY shiRt WOuLD be creAsed or noT.
So theN i reAChed icc somEhow anD was bloWn away by thEir building.i think i think will stOp thiS bLOg anD conTinUE in a nEW the way i dOnT kNoW where i haVE reAched righT NoW,i wAS Just waLking aND eNjOying the suN anD i am fAr oFf From mY plACE.I SEE a big lic bUilding righT in fronT oF mE anD a puNE musiC hoUse anD a cOUplE OF giRls spEeding aWay in an actIvA anD almOst raMming intO an aUTO ,anD theY giVE this dismAl looK thaT everyOnE stArts blAMing the aUtO guY,wEll,oBVioUslY wheN there are twO preTtY giRlS inVOLVEd who wiLl tAkE the siDe oF the pooR old heFTY BUrlY looKing guY with a tuMmY thaT is aLMoSt toUching the speEDomEter..anD the guY Curses anD the giRls go scOtt Free with somEoNE waiting to be their nEXt vicTim..

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