Sunday, January 27, 2008

sO.we STarT roLLinG ouT for OoTy.

So I have booked my ticket to Pune .Ticket is booked for tomorrow 8 am.
This sections going to be about the start of the trip.
Republic day
Well,we were all sitting in the room looking at each other and doing nothing .Someone told 'man,its so boring'and I heard someone say 'ok,lets go to Ooty' and there we were hitting the road to Ooty.Whenever you plan nothing goes accordingly,its all these out of the blue plans that work!!
Time is 12:43 pm and we hit the road and we leave for Ooty.12:54 we reach at one of the friends place and pick him up.All excited and fill up the tank with a grand worth petrol and roll out.13:10 we are still going on and we get confused as to which road to go.There is one to the left and a way to the right.We take the left and follow the road.7 minutes later we still are confused and dont know if we are going right,but then our spirirts are too high to be pulled down by confusion.Then comes a roadsign confirming that we are on the right road and reach the first hairpin bend for Ooty by 13:57.There are 14 hair pin bends to conquer.By 14:18 the wheel drifts on the corner of the turn and we do the 5th hair pin bend.
We can feel the freshness of the air and feel relieved to escape all the rush and hush of the town,the dust,the busses,everything.we get out and start taking some photos and see a married couple taking some pics too.They call one of us to take a pic with both of them.Well I had a doubt earlier itself that they will want us to take a pic for them because they were had the camera on auto mode and whenever they used to keep it on top of ther car and pose everything else,the mountains,the monkeys in the background,everything would come, apart from them.So after trying so hard to smile and pose and still not get a single pic of them both proper they call one of us.The only thing I was worried was that the guy who went from us to take the pic wouldnt ask the guy to take a pic of him and the wife.Well he would have and then we finally entered ooty city.
More to write.I will keep it for the next blog.Need a right now.

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