Friday, January 11, 2008

oopS We DID It agaiN!!

Have to say that today was a beautiful day.First time I could feel the mist suspended in the air and the chill surrounding it.First time in coimbatore I mean.Perfect day to laze around.Have coffee,sit chatting and wriggle up in the bed,but sadly it was not to be.Had to go to college!!
I had mentioned in the previous post that I know I will be late today for college and as they say 'thoughts become things' and there we were in college ,late once again.As usual,we went to the canteen and had coffee and sat there.
Past couple of sems we all have been going to college more to drink coffee and eat egg puffs rather than attend classes.Teachers will agree rightaway.Well according to our past experiences and calculations the egg puff comes around 10:15 in the canteen,if the person is not late like us and fortunately he is not.
An hour passed and we thought of going to class but then again no use of going to class if we dont get the first hour attendance and we were in no mood to whine with the staff to get the attendance for the first hour.She would have given but then the past couple of days she had told not to repeat it.not that we care but ego ka sawaal hai.Cant beg everyday right.
We had to kill some more time and went to coffee day..Had chicken tikka sandwich and a coffee toffee or toffee coffee or something like that..Just mentioned cos thinking about it makes me feel good and forget that there wont be any lunch today..Came back some time back..
We refused the cook for a 5000 that he had asked and so what does he do..?stops coming regularly..I knew there was something fishy when he was getting too friendly .I knew he was gona ask for some cash!!
So its like ,I am kinda hungry,well very hungry and cant help it.Dont feel like going out anyways.Being involved in the blog stops me from thinking about food..or atleast thats how i am consoling myself..Well just for sometime..I am hungry!!

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