Sunday, January 13, 2008

CHANGE iS thE OnlY PERmaneNT thING-part 1 (hostel)

TRUE..AbSOLutely true..change is infact the only thing that doesnt change.
I dont know why but I suddenly realised that my college days are drawing to an end and lo!!Three years are over.Well almost.Four months more to go.Made a lot of friends and as usual everyone is now geariNG Up to part ways and seek their different goals and aspirations.Dont have any idea where we will all be ten years hence or for that matter even five.
I still remember my first day in hostel when I was accompanied with my parents to the hostel and after everything was arranged they left and then and there began a new life where I was independent ,had to seek for my things.Well i always wanted to live in the hostel as iw was something that i found was extremely interesting and different from the usual course.Ya and i was in the hostel and there was this huge pool of anxious faces who were all new to whatever they were seeing and a bunch of seniors lurking in the background to prey upon us..I instantly struck a chord with few guys there and we were all like small fishes going together in a pack and never leaving each other for the fear of the predator.
That night we were alloted rooms and being in the luxury of home and suddenly being thrown out in the open to the real world did make one feel nostalgic,although i was enjoyng it.I remember 5 or 6 of us in a room and introducing us to each other and asking each other about the schools,friends ,girlfriends and a lot more..
Getting up in the morning early around 4 30 to be the first to take bath..Going for breakfast in the hostel mess..Well those both habits were very shortlived..Trying to disobey the rules of the hostel as much as possible ..These are all things that everyone of us would have gone through..
A special mention to the Oujha board game we played ..I ll take full credits here to say that I introduced it in our hostel and soon it did become a rage..I wonder how many spirits we let lose :) ..There was even a guy who fell unconscious while playing the game..Bribing the watchman to let us free at night and playing in the basketball court till the wee hours of the night and making a lot of noise when the hostel power went off and swearing at the hostel warden.. The useless breakfast,boring lunch and the terrible dinner at the mess..Sitting up late nyt and thinking what we were gona do for the future..Thinking of the three years we had to survive there..
As time passed by,none even cared to wake up early..used to get up at 9 and the college used to start at 9 30..Lectures were as boring and distasteful as they could get..Bunking started becoming the order of the day..
Started violating the hostel in time curfew of 8 30 ..and started getting into the not so good books of the if we cared..Apology letters became gimmicks..
Met a lot of different people from exteremely different backgrounds..
but soon,after spending a year there,hostel started becoming so predictable and boring..Everything around so stale..
Worms in the food,Ants in water and the hostel Chefs(chefs!!that is a lot of respect) ,if you see the way they make food
one might surely give us a bravery award or an endurance award..Not going into the details cos I would like this to be pleasant.Long nights spent talking and the late mornings spent dozing..
A lot more about hostel but then it would just go on and on..shuld have blogged from that time itself..Might add some more to it as i feel..
anyway better late than never..
By the way speaking about late..Its 1 30 now and tommorrow s a Sunday..I guess I will wake up late..

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