Wednesday, January 30, 2008

GooD Morning

So onE More day fOr the scMhrd inTervieWs.i am very reLaXEd anD positivE.jUst gave the shirts anD pants fOr iroNIng.i actuALlY wOke up at 5 today bUt the mOrning chiLl made puT the alaRm to a stOp anD slEep agaiN.woKe up aroUND 9 30 anD wENt to haVE teA anD noW i aM baCK with the nEWspapeRs.loads oF peOple i caN seE are in their fOrmalS anD thaT too stuDents.i guEss theY All have comE For the inTerviews toO.i jUst haVE to rehearse a FeW aNswErs onCE MoRe anD geT My reSuME DOnE anD theN thaTs it.
WhilE on the roAD i cOulD seE peoplE ruNning tO Their oFficEs,a nicE giRl hastENing her stEps to CaTch an autO bEfOre the oTher person appRoaching it dOes anD a loT oF hustLE bUstle.this is whaT i like anD this is where i bELOng.

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