Saturday, November 8, 2008

You Hindu! ME Christian!You Muslim!

'Its sad that you people misinterpret the only book that you have read.'
Leonardo di caprio to fanatics who claim to be following Allahs messages ,From the movie 'Body of lies'
"Its not that the question relates to wiping out of hindus from the state but the fact of the matter is that we are against conversion of religion because we consider this as a step against our god given identity" said some CMP activist after I was on my way back home after seeing the latest bond flick Quantum Of Solace.For those who dont know what CMP is .Well I dont think it is that important or worth mentioning ..they call themselves Communist Marxist Party which is a local party in Kerala extending its support to the Indian National Congress govt in Kerala(Where else?Gods own political country!).
I just wish my dad wasnt there with me as I would have got down and asked 'Miss GSR(God Sent Representative).could you please tell me what religion god wanted me to be in.?"Why is it such a hard question ?Because my dad is a muslim and my mom a hindu.Answer Miss.GSR?
what is the religion that i am supposed to follow?what religion did god bestow me with?
Well the debate was about religious conversion because of which we have just witnessed the so called secular nation being put to utter shame by what has happened in Orissa and is fast spreading on like an uncontrollable hysteria and the all the involved parties blazing all guns against each other and calling the others 'blasphemous' .referring to the Orissas,Gujarats and the myriad other havens of discrimnate politics of course.
Orissan govt approves of the religious conversion act of 1967 which states that religious conversion is perfectly fine as long as its not forceful or through ways of coercion.Now our Hindu brothers are scared that Christians are converting underprivliged people in orssa and all over by enticing them financially and making use of their illiteracy .Now, would nt we all like to know why there is this ILLITERACY and POVERTY that has led the people to convert into other religions?
well these underpriviliged are mostly DALITS. A class of people who are ousted from the hindu society.Not allowed to pray to the same god that created them by barring entry in temples.Not allowed to walk before a HIGH class brahmin.Secluded Segregated and Discriminated ruthlessly as if they were not of the same skin and the same cubits of length..Exploited and violated all through out..where human rights are a mere mockery and a book that will never be flipped.

We saw Graham staines along with his ten year old and six year old sons Timothy and Philips being mercilessly torched in their station wagon.Why?Because they (of course the god damn fairies and groups)thought that they were spreading christianity by providing support and shelter to the dalits and wanted to oust hinduism from the place and what were the supposedly HINDU organisations doing before that?NOTHING.Dalits were the untouchables who were confined to a 'mochi'(the humble cobbler) status only ,the maximum they could strive for.
Well if you dont want the christian missionaries exalting the dalit status and help them then 'JUST DO IT'(sounds familiar) yourslelf!Dalits have been treated since ages like this and the spirit of hindus (or more appropriately of the caretakers) ignite only when they realise that some foreign missionary is coming and helping out the deprived,may be with the intention to convert them,but then what the heck?provide the underpriviliged a better status and stop treating them as sheeps and dogs then.Even they get treated better.Make them feel a part of the HINDU society rather than a lower step to the upper echelons of the brahmins and the purohits and the other touchable bodies.
We have seen the Graham staines episode,followed by merciless incendiary events that tore the state apart and with it the fundamentals of the secular state philosophy of the Indian constitution.It was followed by the burning of innocent people,raping of nuns,killing of Swami lakshmananda,who was a VHP leader along with 3 others.followed by the never forgiving thirst for revenge and disrupting of christmas celebrations and a lot of fatal exchanges of vendetta and the same old eye for an eye ,tooth for a tooth.
Such a shame! that ought to have left an indelible conspicuous scar on the face of Indian secularism model in front of the world.
Coming back to the question Miss GSR put.I would ask, where is the liberty?humans created religion on the basis of common bonding and beliefs.
Wats wrong in conversion?
Arent we all in the end praying to the same gods that created YOU and ME?
What if I find one religion more appealing than the other because I am not restricted with jargons that a brahmin would throw up at me in sanskrit.
Why shouldnt I want a religion that would teach me in the language I speak?
whats wrong if I start following that religion to learn the same thing that my religion failed to teach me?
and now ..whats wrong if I can find it economically viable to leave my religion and join the other group?
If my religion(Read- caretakers) is so concerned, why doesnt it alleviate my condition?
why cant the people to the CREED I belong empathize and help me get out of a situation where neither do i have an identity nor money to survive for a bare day with just one full meal for the family?
whats the use if I am not recognised for what I am but under what tag I was born as?
worsening the fact is that i ll have to go to the same people who treat me worse than a dog and earn my bread crumbs from them and have no other go.Now wouldnt I be tempted to leave that creed even if someone just gives me an incentive that they would treat me like a human being,poor i may be,but a respectable human being nevertheless.
High time that we all rise up against this petty game of politics.Corrupt unforgiving bad lowly depth of hunger for power .When will we learn?When will we actually implement the words of the holy pages that have been looked over and translated to suit ones views?
And you know what the sad part of all of this is?The most devastating truth ?The inconvinient one?That people like YOU and ME are sitting on our couches ,sippin coke(sounds cool?)and surfing through facebook or orkut,just remmener all these issues once ina whatever moon(you get the damn idea right?) and forget it the next day.THOUGHT.SLEPT.FORGOT.We know what needs to be done but we dont have the will to enact it and blame the whole world.I just hope that I stand out against all this sometime for sure.If not now.probably I am gutless,powerless now but time shall come ,I swear.Thats the only consolation.So should YOU..So should WE..
If u have varied thoughts and think that u can screw me over..comment!!and if YOU agree with me then too COMMENT!!

PS:please dont bother to comment if you havent read and pass comments like 'well written' and ' keep up the good work','i like your work' and all that bullshit,what I call as 'i gave ur blog a hit and posted a comment now comment on mine too' syndrome!!and another point is that I personally dont believe in religions but dont condemn them either and my constant refernce to brahmins or anyother sect isnt meant to be provocative to anyone,just examples meant to relate day to day activities,if anyone does get wild at it then I have to tell them that people ,even I am a brahmin.Thats all.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

tIme TIme..nevER leT IT go..

Night 12 23 and I just came from outside and today I have confirmed what I always hated.These two things piss me off no matter with whom it is concerned and anyone reading this blog and knows me, better understand that they restrict from both of them.These two things are
1.Making me wait
2.Making me waste time
I hate these from the corest of cores of my upper left side organ called the heart.They turn me off instantly and I am already in the worst of moods today .I got amazingly pissed off when I wasted like 2 hours at a mall here like a jackass.Supposed to go for a movie today and as soon as everyone reached forum ,everyone split up and went gaga over the discounts flinged by UCB and Tommy and the gals,well they led the way for that.Not their fault too but then I was in such a magnanimous bad mood that I felt as  if everything was just swirling and twitching against me.I hate it when people just aimlessly wander without a certain plan and folks it wasnt even a saturday.Its a friday.A damn weekday.Proper weekend is yet to come.Shit man!Today was easily one of the most 'I AM PISSED' days.Some days are just there when u know that everything is gona go bad .When you know that cows will fly and shit on your head.Today was just that day .Right from the start when I missed the first two  hours of the class and missed my marketing exam too.Continued when I ws told that we ll be going out for a movie by 2 and actually started moving only by 3.Waste of  holy precious devillish time again.Reached the mall and again wandering like nomads for a couple of hours with one group splitting here and one there and a pissed me wanting to show my finger to everyone.I might be over reacting but then today was just like that.I guess I even  dint react to my friends properly ,felt bad but then ,what the hell?
Shit man.In the end I find the whole day funny.Seriously.Such a fuck up today was.and thats the first time I am using an expletive in the blog but then what the..My blog, my fuckin wish.Right now a LIFEHOUSE song is  placating me and I do wish that it continously does so or else I ll go bonkers and probably do some crazy shit like throwin up the laptop against a wall as a measure of stress relief but then I aint any rockstar and neither do I own Indias biggest software company or even the smallest for that matter.So I withdraw from doing that. Playing 'I wanna be a rockstar' by Nickelback. Good sense prevails,I refrain from any destructive purpose.Man I wish I could sabotage an entire building too like the way they do in Brad Pitt starrer  'FIGHTCLUB'.The hindi version was such a shame man!!And if anyone reading this blog and liked the hindi version,dude,stay back cos I am being ultra discriminatory and telling you that,You are not welcome!!Go ahead charge me of discrimination for hvaing ni brains and sense.
I was waiting to write something for a month but then could not do so because of the 'B school' routine .And see i just felt like tearing everything apart and writing this and words are flowing.Poets earlier used to have LSD so that they could see the world in slow motion and write the lines for their art.Thats because after you have LSD the world seems to slowdown.People say so.I can guess that it must be pretty much true too.Right now I am in that position ,its just flowing.Even got late to college at night and came through a different secret route to avoid putting my name on the late list to be scrutinised by someone concerned later.Neither do I care.People.LIFEHOUSE is an excellent band man!!Kickass songs!Depressing songs actually..Bloody depressing!!Actually nice songs but then 'missing you; kind of songs..Come to senses Arun!!I am totally messed up and confused today but I dont know how to explain a strange feeling of satisfaction and  kind of serenity coming over me.I guess this is the lowest I can sink in when bad mood is concerned and happy that whatever happens will be better than what has already happened.Man,me and my optimism!!I am really dreaming.
Something else that put me off are friends those who dont reciprocate any calls or messages when you take the pain to move your ass and ask how they are.This goes especially to my al azhar friends who have been the biggest turn off s I have ever felt.Screw you all.For those who dont know what Al azhar is,dont  mind to ask too.u wont lose ur life if you dont know that nor is the world coming down .
I guess I will just withdraw right now and have a nap.Man I have wasted the whole day!!Never gona happen again.Wanna watch a movie too but then again I will not be able to wake up tomorrow at time and I have to get up early tomorrow.A challenge to myself.Good day to me ahead.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Number Game

Quake rocks Sichuan province of China..storms sweep Myanmar..Series explosion in Jaipur ..Around 40000 killed in the first case,around a 100000 in the second and 70 killed in the third..and still counting..
At first I ignore these news pieces thinking of them as just another explosion somewhere or just another nature fury in some part of the world..and I continue watching the IPL matches instead of giving even a trifle of attention to whats going around..and then reports start pouring in that there have been significant loss of death and my attention crescendoes towards it..after a series of switching of channels in between the overs and otherwise too that irritates others around me,I find that the death rates are increasing and I find myself more interestingly inclined towards the news..Somehow deep inside I am not feeling bad for the thousands misplaced..Well i am feeling bad but not able to empathise with them much to the extent that I remain sad all throughout..deeper inside I am not praying for the figures to come down..and please note that itas not that I am praying for the figures to rise either..just that there is not much commitment to the whole tragedy..its not that I enjoy people getting killed but somewhere deeper deeper inside,if there is a word like that,I am not feeling bad about It too..this is easily the most difficult post that I have tried to put as expressing myself the way I want to might not be its open to all kinds of interpretations..
I don’t know if its just human nature or just me..I tend to associate more importance to an event or incident only if there are casualities involved. I don’t know if I am able to get the point across but somehow the events in which say a 100 people die is less important than one in which 500 die..and I guess its true about many of us atleast say a 75 %of us(a very conservative estimate)..Hundreds of people die in Afghanistan and Iraq due to car bombs and human bombs..But then that ends up as a foot note in most of the news as well as our attention.. Somehow 40 lives are not more important or equally important as 500 lives..Simply put in words,more numbers are more eye grabbing than less of them..
Lets take into consideration ,a case,where there are injuries too..Somehow the number of injured people don’t get my attention that much and it just gets side lined although sometimes being injured and scrapping through every inch of life is worse than losing it in a matter of few seconds..I might even be telling all this because I have never directly been involved in anything like it..
It just doesn’t end there..sometimes,the compensation that the state governments announce for the dead might be ,and I say ‘might be’, a boon for certain family members..Well I know you might be bickering over the clich├ęd line that life can not be equated with money as it is priceless and invaluable but still I just tend to think devilish sometimes..and everyone has that side for sure,although many do not come out in the open and owe up to it..I feel guilty for being heartless at times,well most of the time,and conjure up some possibilities.Suppose there is a person who has left his family and probably is a big drug addict or a drunkard and abuses the family members ,physical abuse too..this guy just walks up the road and bam!!There is an explosion and he is ripped apart, the members see this breaking news in the screen ,if they are watching news that is,now,isn’t it actually better for the family that the member is gone and if the compensation does reach then it would be beneficial for the family ,say a timely compensation of Rs 500000 ,as was announced for the Jaipur attack victims..Now another case is when there is this beggar or a labourer ,who works day and night but still might not see 100000 Rs in his/her whole lifetime..Well given an option of death and money ,NONE would chose the latter for sure but just think of it..What if the family is actually benefited by the lakhs they receive..Atleast it would be a strong basement to build upon..I feel I should have never thought of things like this but then my mind continuously swivels towards thinking on thEse lines..and only after putting these thoughts into words,do I get some respite from the guilt..but then I need to know if other people feel the same too..or am I the only zombie around who feels that death after all might be good news for some families whether they accept it or not..i am expecting a lot of criticism from people who read it and they are all welcome to do so..Well people might say that ‘Arun!you wont say the same if you are in such a situation where someone close to you is in danger’..probably ya but then ….still…Cant stop thinking..
I cant explain the conundrum I am in..there are two ways to look at the whole problem..first is that I am sympathetic towards the people who are suffering but then the fact is if there were hundred people dead instead of a 10000 in china ,I wouldn’t have cared for it much..So the consideration angle gets thrown out of the window..Now the second and more satanic view of the problem is that,somewhere deep inside I probably expect the death tolls to rise ,so that there is much more seriousness or debate attatched to it than just brush away that piece of news..atleast there is a lot to talk about now..i guess it is like the opposition parties that might be praying for a lot of casulaities so that they can have a reason to attack the ruling parties..Well I guess that’s all I want to put in right now..As chinese officials now announce that there might be 50000 killed now,figures might rise again!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

NONe MoRal PoliCeS Me !!

Ok..finally I guess I have decided to come out of my cave and start blogging again..Feel just about perfect to blog..

Now I do not understand this ..What the hell is wrong with our politicians?Well I have never understood their ways anyway..Why on earth cant they do what they are supposed to do rather than become our daily moral policing squad..Now they have a problem with the cheerleaders of IPL now..They think they are provocative,they think it is very occidental,the dresses are too short,instigate the male testosterones and fire them up and what not?

"I cannot understand the necessity of cheergirls at the IPL matches. I am not against any new

concept, but Kolkatans are not yet ready for cheergirls," West Bengal Sports Minister Subhas Chakraborty.

“The scantily clad foreign girls’ dances are certainly obscene and do not gel with the Indian sensibilities, culture and ethos,” the minister said.

"exploitation of women" Termed one womens group.

These were the comment's passed by some of the groups on the recent cheerleader melodrama in the much debated Indian premier league.what are my views on this?

These cheer leaders are contracted proffesionals and should be treated like professionals rather than crying over the culture doom.The so called protectors of moral India fume over a point made by a lot of people that they are watching the whole thing with their families and it would not be appropriate to have cheerleaders spill cleave all over the screens.Now dont tell me that all is well other than this IPL cheerleaders.infact right now while flipping through the channels I come across normal bollywood songs which are almost as provocative or suggestive and i hardly see what the leaders and other so called women organisations are grinning about?

There are a lot of other issues to see to than taking up the measuring scale and see how long the skirts of washington reds or any other god damn blues are?Can we have the leaders just do what they are meant to do?Let them go and solve the myriad problems that the farmers have and are suiciding every hour all over.Go provide electricity to the people who are stll in dark in this era of globalization,curb INFLATION for god sake.

Moral policing is a sign of a society that is being repeatedly knocked by the fists of change but people are still apprehensive towards it as they feel that it will sweep them off their ground as their principles are not built on strong elements.

The crowd for their part is purely enjoying each and every moment of the action.A lot of the action however takes place in the television sets which go perilously close to the bodies of the beautiful women.

Now I am not comparing the cheer leaders with the kind of dresses the bollywood actresses wear or anyone wears for that matter because I do not have any kind of objection to that too.i wont get anywhere comparing them with a Mallika or a Bipasha,rather than thinking about them!!The politicians have really sunk so deep in the abyss of vote ballot that they really do not mind using the name of any public event to forward their ideas and there are enough people who find a topic and cling on to the thread while the matter is hot.

You might be thinking why on earth am I hell bent to protect the so called scantily clad females..Well I am not supporting them.. Yeah some of them are scantily clad but then unless we hear from the real people ,and not the govt.(although its supposed to be an elected representative)It goes nowhere.Yeah the girls can go seek some clothes keeping in mind the family involvement in watching these IPL mom watches it non stop..although none at my place has any problems)..But then the only thing that troubles me is the level of involvement of the moral police. Agreed that it might be obscene but then again the moral police troubles my sense of freedom..I say it would be even better if there are cheerleaders in draped in Indian culture.As my friend Saema pointed out(hey..I have put your suggestion ok!!)..Probably places like Mohali can do with some Bhangra and stuff like tht..Let s give each place to showcase their culture..But don’t go all guns blazing going around the inch of cloth by which the cheerleaders are covered by instead come up with solutions you.. you..‘LEAD’ers!!

Let me take the Scarlette keeling murder where are the politicians there ,on that issue?None has issued a single statement regarding the safety of women especially foreign women on indian soil.Molestation news is just another passing by element in the news staple.rather than trying to give justice her mother Fiona is accused of man slaughtering and being a careless mother and many other adjectives instead of finding what actually happened to scarlette,and now the person accused has accused her off defamamtion..Well there is some one liner you have for such situations where the thief becomes the one to charge..But then I dont remember what shit that was..well I am digressing off the topic a little I believe..

From my point off view its pure fun and frolic,well,for any other guy it would be fun Iguess.Then there comes the issue of them hogging more limelight than the cricket ..well I wonder if there is no quality cricket,how many would come to see only the dancers.Now whatever happened to ICL..They had dancing damsels too and none raised any voice cos it would be hardly heard.Wasnt the national moral security under threat that time?

I dont know but then I rarely find any approval with the men in white and I hope many others too dont agree with them or I would be labelled as a 'pervert cricket lover'!!Any different point of view is welcome so are alike views..

Now as I am posting this there comes the news that Delhi has banned the cheerleaders!!

God save us all!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Go Goa ! !

pic on the left-calangute beach..

Ok..So here I am thinking of what to blog and I come across our goa pictures,when we had gone there during February..10th to 13th,to be precise..
So here I was in Pune thinking of where to go next and then a plan came in that we would go to goa..Who would say no?I was with eugene ,tariq,sahil and naseeb..I reached first in Goa and dropped down by a place that goes by the name of Mapusa and was hoarded by a group of auto ,taxi drivers and for the first time I saw bike drivers..bikes as taxis..and went to the rooms that we had booked in celjoan and waited for the others to come in and meet up by 1 PM ..Had a nice coffee that sali (the guy at the hotel )had prepared and picked up the menu that was hidden in the room to find out that it was 50 bucks for a normal cup of coffee and I am not talking about coffee day or barista..but a normal joe home made coffee!!Nice start I thought..
Soon everyone joined in and we decided that it was just the first day and we wouldnt spend much..We were on a shoe string budget(significance of shoe string will be told later on) as all the students are when they plan an unofficial goa trip..We went to a place nearby to have a light meal and go off to the beaches..Apart from food everything else was there on the menu..Well to all who havent been there..The menu in all goa restaurants starts with drinks and ends with them,with a small portion of the menu dedicated for food to the people who rarely have it and you will have to search for it with your glasses on..Goa runs on liquor ,well its as simple as water there,if not for the delicious fish there ,i dont think anyone ever would have eaten anything..We ate ,We drank and We sat there and the bill came close up to 1500..oops..and it was supposed to be just a light meal.even better start I thought!!our pocket holes were already getting drilled without even going out anywhere..The whole day swivelled from one beach to another and so on and finally ended up at Baga and were there till 2 at night..Singing along with the karaoke and humming to the old classic english tunes (old classic,i suppose ,cos we had never heard of them..we just pretended to know them)..lip synching along..The whole day was spent in the beach shack and we reserved water sports for the next day..on our way back we meet this guy called shivaji who tells that he can arrange anything..girls,stuff or anything that college guys would like..we say 'no,thankyou'and he gives this look that says 'go screw yourself then!!'we happily go past and just take the invitation for some private European party there..that was fun although we were like people on a lost island with all European chicks and tall 6 feet and 7 feet guys surrounding us..well i am 5'6..So you can imagine how dominant they would have been..everyone had fun and guys told that I was probably a little out of control..I would not dare to mention any of the details here probably..but then I remember this totally drunk guy who accidentally or probably purposely poured this whole can of beer over me but then who would get angry in such a jovial place called goa..He said cheers,i returned it back..and and and we had shark meat in the shack although i dint know that it was shark.if I had known I would not have had it.It is a protected species damn it!!but then probably I would have had it cos you always want to do something that you havent done before..Afterwards we weNt around and around the small area..circling all the hotspots there,none seemed to be sleeping and finally retired in our rooms at around 4 or 4 30..

Day 2 pic above-Parasailing at calangute

Why is it that one wakes up late for college and exams and things like that eventhough one haS been sleeping like a pig for 10 hours and still yawn the whole day but wake up damn early ,sleeping for just a couple of hours and feeling damn active,when its not required so and there are no exams and one can actually afford a long sleep?Dont ask me.I dont know..
So we all woke up really early thinking how to chalk out the rest of the day and decided that we would go for water sports the whole day..I was damn excited as it was something that I had never done and the unknown always stretches ones imagination.Here we were in this shack at calangute beach and were getting ready for the para sailing and signed a last minute form that said that "We are above 18 and Whatever happens,it is not their responsibility and we have undertaken this at our own risk and the sole responsibility for everything lies on us." That literally meant 'hey..the rope around your waist might get cut and you might fall into the vast sea and never to be seen again..dont blame your will ready?
Para sailing turned out to be a dampner as I got bored up in the skies seeing nothing but the vast blue sea..Well i could have just sat at my home and watch some animal planet or something to see the sea.I dont know if it was only me but I wasnt I had to make up this story of seeing this school of dolphins in the water but to my dismay I found that everyone had made the same story..there was a bit of water scooters after that and then totally dissapointed by the water sports we went back..we had an king size lunch and an equally royal dinner and a even lighter wallet.
So here we were thinking what could be done for cheap here.Our 4 day budget had busted inside out in 2 days..So we decided to hit the roads the next day and dedicate it fully for travelling.. The sunset pic we took was the defining pic tht it goes.. The Sunset Pic

Day 3
pic 1-the wierd church at night 2..

Day three and we get fresh ,skip breakfast to save money and hit the roads and go to lots of places..The beautiful aguada fort,lonely churches,panjim,madgaon,some famous temple,bomb jesus church,st.xaviers church,ribandar..
Hold on tightly as the action just starts unfolding.On the way after our aguada fort trip was done..I hit a car that had some students in it and what better?I hit it in front of the goa jail..and that too when the collector of goa is making an appearance there that day..Nothing happened to me but I heard tariq swearing at me..The car had two deep bumps as if it was hit by a meteor ..One was by the bike and the other was by Tariqs huge ya..he had all the right in the world to swear at me..situation gets even better..there is this huge group of policemen coming and they start charging towards us and everyone had two words 'oh!god' and some had 'got fucked!'The police people shooed us away with contempt and told us to leave from there and passed by..relieved..I was almost thinking that we would be behind the bars for probably disrupting the collectors schedule(not 'we'..but atleast I was sure of myself) and have our pictures flashed all over the next days local news..the guys n the car left and we were like 'wow..nice people..they dint even ask for anything?' we march on again without any damage minus tariqs knee and go on to have lunch and guess what we see in the next turn..those guys with the damaged car ,waiting for everyone had only one word 'fuck!!'
however we act damn friendly and see for any damage in the car(not that we meant it but that was the only way to make sure they remain friendly to us..or more exactly..they dont turn hostile..or more exactly..they dont kick our ass!!)even they were all nervy cos of the accident and we convince those guys that the damage is only worth a couple of hundred rupees and nothing more..i dont know what on the earth made them believe us but they actually let us off,just taking my phone number!!I mean I wouldnt have done the same if it were me..the whole car had a minimum damage of 3000 written all over its sexy back!!and here these guys beleived that it would cost only 200.
we left for our way and carried on while i had numerous calls from them ,which obviously i did not pick up..well i felt bad for them and empathised with them but the problem was that we were as tight as they were on finance..if they ever come across this all i can say i sorry..then we went to anjuna beach and old goa and all the other places left in goa and finally returned back at 10 or 11..end of day 3..well not to be the end so soon..we go to some famous temple in old goa..which someone told was just 10 km but in the end we ended up traversing close to 40 kms..alls well and we go to the temple and come out,,have tea(for the first time in goa) and start our bikes and not again!!now tariq has lost the keys to the bike..after searching for an hour and making no headway ,we try opening the bike with the activa key and voila!it opens..after passing some 5 kms..tariq wants to go back again and searches the temple and there he finds the key which was kept safely by the priest there..someones sixth sense was all working great..then the church in picture where we went at night around 2 o clock to have some wierd fun and as soon as we go to the church the dogs start barking and we find that closeby there is a cemetry and eugene runs back for his life and gobbles down a beer to feel relieved..we were there for an hour talking all haunted stories and daring each other to go around the church alone ,when suddenly the main light went off and came back again..that was it we thought and speeded away to safety..a little bit of sweat trickling from our foreheads..

enter day 4..

Day 4

1stpic-sahil me and naseeb @the station ,stuck without any cash.

2nd pic-eugene dozing away in the train back to coimbatore..he will still say that he was not sleeping..cant change him..

3rd pic-a beautiful dolphin model made by a goan.

we are leaving today and morning starts pretty pleasantly with sahil coming and telling us that those guys whom we hit had lodged a complaint with the police as they had noted down the bike number and they had called up the resort owner wher we were staying and they were claiming 4000 to settle it off ..'screwed again' said everyone and thanked me for giving them such a memorable trip..well i had no fear as i knew that either ways we would get jacked..cos we had hardly a 1000 with us so paying them was out of the question..we made naseeb take his hostel fees money so that we could pay it off..we go out and after a lot of convincing he takes his money and evryone starts to laugh!!why??it was a bloody prank played to get some money out of naseeb who was saving money by eating chips and veg in goa!! goa!!mission successfull and we head for lunch and have anither wholesome meal and bid goodbye to the mr.sali and jack and catch a taxi..well..we have almost a thousand five hundred bucks with us and are on an extremely shoe string budget and we planned to come by a general train to coimbatore as it would cost only 180 bucks..this was our plan..four peoples ticket would cost us around 180 x 4=720 and another 700 for the taxi and 80 bucks for travelling the whole journey!!
we had to drop tariq off at the airport as he had to go to delhi and the taxi driver takes us to the station..we board down and then something strikes..damn it!!this was not the station..we had to get down at madgaon..screwed again!!and the taxi driver shouts at us for not telling which station and wants 900 rs till madgaon..well we had to give in..and ran back to the airport,borrowing a 500 from tariq..telling that we would put it back in his account(had to tell tht to get the cash)..we reached the station ,offloaded everything and guess what ..the 2 30 train has left and we sit there till 8 at night not having cash to go anywhere..while taking the tickets we realized that lo!!there was not enough cash as we had paid 1000 fr the taxi..we start running all over again and call up friends back home to put some cash and just save being in the goa station forever..
we travel in the general compartment where you can not lie down or do anything and is crowded till the last inch..we survive the whole journey on 2 teas and a couple of vadas..we slump on each other and somehow make it till the end and survive to see another day..but thats not the end either!! now we were in the coimbatore station and fighting to bring down the auto charge from 80 to 70..cos we dint even have that much..not a penny more not a penny less and after we reached back we counted all the 50 ps and the 5 rupee coins that we had and said 'screwed again' for the last time..reason:we had only 69 rs with us and the auto guy also sweared something in tamil and finally we were back in our room ..thinking that evrything is over and about the amazing journey we had..
suddenly realization dawns upon..its feb 15 th and 14 more days to go fr the month to get over(damn again..this february had an extra day when i dint want it)and here we were with combined assets of about 50 rs for the whole month..'screwed again'one more time we say staring at the ceiling fan..
and then?there is a ring at the door and we open it to find out that there is a letter for me ..bad luck read "dear customer,your internet bill has been due for the past one month,kindly pay 1500 by 20 th of feb" 'screwed again' i say..then i see another bill for the cable and newspaper and rent and i say ..i dont say screwed again but pick up the phone and arrange for some cash from my friend..

Monday, April 7, 2008


I cant believe that i am just surfing the net aimlessly right now from one link to making a facebook account to going on to searching for bipasha wallpapers.i have got an exam today and i actually logged on to the net to find some answers for some important questions and instead ended up learning about the bermuda triangle phenomenon and the origin of the murphy s law story..if only whatever we had to study was made more interesting and practical!!its 2 30 roght now and my exam is at 9 30..7 hours inbetween and i will have to wake up a little bit early too.that leaves me with ,say,a four hour nap.played TT and were in the swimming pool the wholeday thinking that we ll study later and shit its 2 30 right now and have learnt just 8 questions!!neither am i feeling sleepy neither do i want to study right now.i dont know why i am wasting my time writing all of this..

Sunday, April 6, 2008

caNt beTTer tHiS act!! we played table tennis for a couple of hours and then came back to the room after some high voltage duels and then something made us laugh and roll ,when we came back to the room.
we all came into the room ,all tired after the matches and there was naseeb sitting in the chair and watching a mallu movie..we all started laughing our heart out when we saw that..did not find that funny?well the real thing starts now!!he was actually watching a movie,where he had played the second cd first and then the first cd..and here he was sitting tightly on the sofa with full concentration,trying to make some sense of what all was goin on in the movie.he even had all the fans off so that he would not miss a dialogue..c'mon would know after 10 minutes or so that it is not the starting of a movie when the title doesnt come up.and he took 45 minutes to comprehend the whole situation of not getting the cd s right and that too when someone told him for the second time that it was the second cd..earlier when ug had told asked him as to why he was watching the second cd first ,he thought that he was conning him..and here he was,our einstein,working his brains off to understand what the movie was all about and why on earth was everyone getting younger and younger in the movie as it went on.i get reminded off the sid the sloth off the Ice!!even he cant beat you on that one mate!!i bet..all hail the king..

A Quiet and peaceful day..

Just came back after a nice movie and read a few blogs through the orkut blogger community links.tomorrow onwards exams are starting and i need to give in some decent effort for the exams.went out today with friends and had lunch with them.i,ug,prnz,javi,sahil,sundar,naseeb,anmol and nidhya.had lunch at mary brown and then went off to boomerang just to sit and kill some between me,javi,prnz and sundar went to a clothing showrrom and just decided to pass some time there and make someone buy something if possible too..well thats what happens when you are with javi,he will suggest you a shop from where he needs to buy something and finally all others who are accompanying him end up with a purchase bill and he walks off it could have been prnz's turn if only the shop had the correct fit for him,but that was not to be.
then we went to Boomerang and i was getting totally bored and totally uninterested in the conversation going around and so i thought of picking on anmol and asked her why she wasnt talking to another female in the class ,although i had no business of enquiring about it.but then the discussion soon blew up much more in proportion than i had planned and i wasnt grumbling about it either..while everyone was having a dig at her ,i took a back seat and just saw the proceedings.and naseeb actually called up that female and then we actually spoke to her about the issue !!and she also agreed to go along and talk to her..just that anmol requires some time probably.but then just think of it??i simply took over the issue because i was getting plain bored and it actually turned out to be pretty beneficial..midas touch!!
after everything , we left the place and i saw this book vendor by the love for books has no bounds and always end up buying books .the one i bought today was the story of GOOGLE..i dont know how relevant the story is now because google is one company where the rules of the game change within a tiny bit of a second,but then i thought of going ahead and buying it.Having read Paulo Coelho's 'flowing like a river', a collection of short stories,i waS thinking off picking one his books 'veronika decides to die',but then laid off from that thought.then there were the regular dose of sex books and fantasy books as usual.
hey!right now i even wanna post an article on some of my friends,individually,as to what i felt about them or feel about them.hmmm...i will do it later..

Saturday, April 5, 2008

sorry !! too good to resist !!

well..sorry javi!!i had to do this..was exactly the kinda thing that i was searching to plot on you..this is one pic that i am sure wont happen again for a long time..well i can hear you talking in the other room right now,not knowing whats happening..i could have not put up this pic but then what the hell?its my blog and i can embarass anyone i want or do whatever i wanna hit back,make your own blog or just brood over it!!! was just getting bored and stumbled upon this ,,bad luck!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Final Day At College..

So..the farewell also got over yesterday with the awrds day bringing down the curtains on the college days.well i am not that emotional right now like the way i was feeling the other day .but then the sentiments seem to be rubbing off to other people.for some time yeaterday sahil felt sad i believe and then after the party was over ,when we were dropping the girls off to the college ,hema confessed that she had till that time thought that it would not be hard to bid goodbye but then now,it was particularly hard and not so easy.well its gona be like that way till the new set of friends arrive..i believe..
yesterday started off with the awards day and had a lot of performances by the juniors.they held the whole function beautifully had so many performances that it it was too much to handle in the end.we had to sit there for five hours ,after which the curtains were drawn ,ending with prnz and co s performances..curtains were pulled down with a farewell song and everyone lit up a candle each and waved in the air ,making it emotional(although i dont feel much emotional) and making it extra hot too!!everyone wanted to sport a kurta and so we went to the place close by to buy kurtas and bought one each.came back to the room by about six and got ready for the party at jennys.the last year photo of which i had put up in a post earlier titled "its march...."that time i certainly did not think that i would be posting our farewell so soon.right now i dont feel like posting anything but then i have to because i will try evading it if procastinated the party started at around 6 30 and we reached there by 7 30(late as usual)..everyone was already on the dance floor,well not exactly dance floor,but grass floor..everyone was dancing in the lawn with the surdy DJ mixing up some average music.we all had dinner after that and then went out in the lawn and sat there and spoke non sense till 10 30 and clicked a few pics here and there,when the organiser came and told that the hostel girls had to be back by 10 30 and that it was time for them to pack up.accompanied them till the hostel,recounting all the old stories and gossips and incidents ..there s something about the night and cool wind blowing on your face,that turns you honest and humble and let everything out in the right sheds off all the inhibtions and act very simple ,letting the heart rule over the brain rather than the other way around that happens more oftenly.and everyone was letting out whatever they felt .when you are deeply into something,you never know when time flies by and woosh!!we had walked from the jenny club till the hostel and suddenly felt that it was too short a distance to confide over everything and were not exactly in the mood to be going back, the devil in me had a secret wish that someone should cry among us but then that was not to be..but then you cant have everything the way you want and then we went back to the place where the party was taking place and everyone joined in and had lots of final departing pics taken.well,we four five guys were sitting on the stairs inside the lobby and it was as if we were asking indirectly for our pics to be taken and everyone passing by actually came in and took a pic.well anyone would have seeing the way we were seated ,one after the another in a row on the was inviting enough for a pic to be was as if we were desperate to get photographed more and were sitting on the steps so that none who passes by could miss us.everyone who strolled by gave a warm smile and took up their cams and had a photo taken .not that we were complaining :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The dead man who wore pyjamas!! (2)

Well..Now the end days of college are pacing in and I really feel grateful to all the friends who have been there around me and have been with me regardless of what I have thought of them.and exacltly when I was feeling damn sad and down that I would have to leave my friends all over again and start a new life once again,I came through the above article by paulo coelho,well in this case the one i have mentioned below in the other blog.I am not a big fan off Paulo Coelho s books but then some of his short stories in the book 'like the flowing river ' were beautifull.I was someone who always bragged or boasted that I will not be missing my friends neither the college life here but then now since the end days are really darkenning around me and making their presence felt in a god damn hard way,I feel nostalgic of each and everything that I see around and try associating that place with something I have done when the early days of college were still setting in.
It all happened yesterday,when we went for dinner and we ended up in a place which was shown to us by our seniors that time ,the time when they were leaving.Now I find myself in the same place and then I actually confessed to my roomies that I was actually feeling sad that moment as we would be parting each other.Something that I have never done before ie I have never told anyone that I would actually miss them but now I do.I even told them that we will sleep together for the coming days in the same room and share all those moments we all had till that time(no matter how gay it sounds!!)..
Yes..I was feeling sad and down when I came across the page on Paulo Coelho s book and that really shook me up.I indeed am thankfull to all the friends and people who have supported me till now.thanks a lot!!!

Have a nice Day

The dead man who wore pyjamas!! (1)

well this is one of the excerpts from Paulo Coelho's book 'like the flowing river'.was just reading through it and felt how relevant it actually was in todays life.well i will first write down the story as the book says beccause it is too beautiful to alter.well it goes like this:

"I read in an on-line newspaper on the internet that, on 10 June 2004, in Tokyo, a man was found dead in his pyjamas. So far, so good. I think that most people who die in their pyjamas (a) either died in their sleep, which is a blessing, or (b) were with their family or in a hospital bed, meaning that death did not arrive suddenly, and they all had time to get used to 'the Unwanted Guest', as the Brazilian poet, Manuela Bandeira, called it.

The news item went on to say that, when he died, the man was in his bedroom. That cancels out the hospital hypothesis, leaving the possibility that he died in his sleep, without suffering, without even realizing that he wouldn't live to see the morning light again.

However, there remains one other possibility: that he was attacked and killed.

Anyone who knows Tokyo also knows that, although it is a vast city, it is also one of the safest place in the world. I remember once stopping with my Japanese publishers for a meal before driving on into the interior of Japan. All our cases were on the back seat of the car. I immediately said how dangerous this was; someone was bound to pass, see our luggage, and make off with our clothes and documents and everything else. My publisher smiled and told me not to worry; he had never known such thing to happen in his entire life (and, indeed, nothing did happen to our luggage, although I spent the whole of supper feeling tense).

But let's go back to our dead man in pyjamas. There was no sign of struggle or violence. An official from the Metropolitan Police, in an interview with the newspaper, stated that the man had almost certainly died of a sudden heart attack. So we can also reject the murder hypothesis.

The corpse was found by the employees of a construction company on the second floor of a building in a housing development that was about to be demolished. Everything would lead us to think that our dead man in the pyjamas, having failed to find somewhere to live in one of the most densely populated and most expensive places in the world, had simply decided to live in a building where he wouldn't have to pay any rent.

Then comes the tragic part of the story. Our dead man was nothing more than a skeleton wearing pyjamas. Beside him, was an open newspaper dated 20 February 1984. On a table nearby, the calendar marked the same day.

He had been there for twenty years.

And no one had noticed his absence.

The man was identified as an ex-employee of the company who had built the housing development, where he had moved at the beginning of the 1980s, immediately after getting divorced. He was just over fifty on the day he was reading the newspaper and suddenly departed this life.

His ex-wife had never tried to get in touch with him. The journalists went to the company where he had worked and discovered that the company had gone bankrupt immediately after the project was finished, because they had failed to sell any of the apartments, which would explain why they did not find it strange when the man stopped turning up for work. The journalists tracked down his friends, who attributed his disappearance to the fact that he had borrowed money from them and hadn't been able to pay them back.

The news item ended by saying that the man's mortal remains were returned to his ex-wife. When I finished reading the article, I kept thinking about that final sentence: the ex-wife was still alive; and yet, for twenty years, she had never once tried to contact him. What can have been going on inside her mind? That he didn't love her anymore, and that he had decided to cut her out of his life for good? That he had met another woman and dissapeared? That this is simply what life is like once the divorce proceedings are over, and that there is no point in continuing a relationship once it has been legally terminated?I imagine what she must have felt when she learned the fate of the man with whom she had shared a large part of her life.

And then I thought about the dead man in pyjamas, about his complete and utter isolation, to the point that, for twenty long years, no one in the whole world had noticed that he had simply vanished without trace. I can only conclude that worse than hunger or thirst, worse than being unemployed, unhappy in love or defeated and in despair, far worse than any or all of those things, is feeling that no one, absolutely no one, cares about us.

Let us say a silent prayer for that man, and thank him for making us think about how important friends are."

well as i simply searched for the above article and there were people who had actually written it down on their blog,so just had to copy,paste it.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

What did you do, 8 to 9?

so there is an earth hour today from 8 pm to 9 pm local time.wonder how many people will follow it but i am right in and would certainly do it.we need more earth hours to save the earth from the global menace of warming.last year it was sydney and this year 2008 is a global earth day observation.24 global cities are participating and there is no indian city as the news channel just showed up.last year the earth hour was observed on march 31 .the official website for it is:
there are around 286000 people who have joined in the event.and right now i am trying to join but the server comes up as busy.i hope its because of a rush in signing up.i am still refreshing it and hopefully it does before 8 o clock because i wont be switching on any device.not even my mobile.lets see.
but then i am sure that none in these apartments would do that .there has to be a larger movement.something in the scale of the seven wonders edition ,where so much publicity was given to the taj and it eventually became the highest voted wonder,although it was overshadowed by the bipasha - ronaldo fling in the post celebrations.but that is immaterial and right now the sign up section has opened up and i am bidding farewell to the blog right now.
save electricity,sAvE EARTH!!!loNg LiVe..

Friday, March 28, 2008

The power of simplicity

Today we had a seminar or a face to face with the creative head of bbdo and someone who has worked with almost everyone the lintas',the ogilivy's and many other global advertising giants.His name is Josy Paul.Well,my admiration towards him goes back when I had come across an article on him.A very strange incident in the article made him someone who would always be etched in my mind and someone whom I would google regularly ,to find what all was happening off late with him.And then all of a sudden,a week back,I was to find out that he was actually coming to the college as a part of the ceo charter programme hosted by the block.I was delighted to see that and was telling everyone as to who he was and what all crazy things he had done.

There were three main incidents that I know of.First one was during the client meet with Philips,where he threatened tp jump out of the office window if they did not give him the thumbs up for that account.He says candidly when asked about it that he would not have got hurt anyway as he was on the first floor.And guess what ..he did bag the contract,although the Philips team requested the management to keep him away from the meetings.
But then things rarely flow in the same way .Once during a pitch to a leading insurance company he suddenly stood on the meeting table to get a point across that life is uncertain and one needs to be prepared for it.However,the clients did not find the drama unfolding in front of them impressive enough and shrugged off from the contract.
The third one that I read was regarding another contract handling.He was waiting for the appointment when he saw the mission statement on the wall and noticed that the company had done nothing to fulfill that statement.He slyly went and uprooted it and whacked the mission statement and used it in the meeting to show how the company had lacked in certain things and how it could be done rightly and while all this was happening the watchman came and started shouting thief thief!!
Well actually I asked this question when he was here and everyone started giving me this strange look as if it suggested 'dude!you are not supposed to ask stuff like that!'
After the whole ceo charter was over ,there were people who walked up to me and were like'man!you embarassed him royally'..Well that was not even my slightest of intentions and he would know that.An advertiser has to be four things:-
-An explorer,who goes out and does the unconventional
-An artist ,who can paint the thing the way he wants it
-A judge,who will in the end judge if the product ad is good enough or not
-A warrior,who will fight on and vouch for his ideas at any stage
and he told ,that while doing all those crazy things,it was this warrior urge ,which made him do so and he was effective more often than not.
The ads he showed were of top notch quality calibre,as all of them were something we could relate to everytime,allthroughout and not the noisy ,'i am here' kind of ads.All the ads that he showcased were silent ,with hardly a line or two there and quite fantastic that actually touched ones emotional chords.All the ads were so wonderfully crafted and made in such a way that you could hardly tell how long the ad was,as you drown into the ad completely.There was one particular ad of the argentinian airlines that was extremely beautifull, that any attempt to explain that ad would be i have put up the link for the ad on youtube
then there was this wonderful volkswagen polo ad that was based on such a simple observation that many of us would have missed but the ad creator used it and made it one of the best selling cars in europe ,when the trend in the 79s and 80s was having big swanky cars.the address of that ad too is mentioned below
he laid specific stress as to how we badly need to simplify things around us and see things from the perspective of a 6 year old kid.he had started an ad agency of his own called david,where one would not get a letter of appointment but a letter of resignation.The letter of resignation was a declaration that one has abandoned adulthood and has resigned from it and will now on start looking things from the perspedctive of a six year old.A promise that he/she will be ever so inquisitive,ready to stub sticks into the sand,have that multi coloured candy ,throw stones in the water and see the ripples and a lot lot more.I want to write in so much more but time doesnt Permit me as of now nor do the mosquitoes.Just smashed one.Its 3:34 am!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

what?its march 2008 ? !!

Right now I feel very sleepy sitting in front of the computer.So I thought I will get some thoughts in through the post and decided that this one will be ,what i call my 'picture post'.
This pic, as mentioned in the snap was taken on a normal day ,dated,5th april 2007 at 8:05pm.It was the time when the,that time third years had to leave college and were given the farewell party.I remember I had just shifted out a couple of months back from the day the pic was taken and was still in the mode of enjoying my new found lease of life outside the cramped walls of the hostel.I even remember that,on that day while we were getting ready,the current went and we were like 'oh shit!what to do now?'.Dressing up in pitch dark.Candles are something that we never had at home.Who would actually care about a bloody candle?
So we somehow managed to get shirts and jeans in a proper order and slipped into them and left for Jenny club where the farewell party was supposed to take.Third years were already there and all were kind of dejected and something told that they would all miss each other ,admit it or not.Some were even drunk,so that they actually dont feel the pinch of the farewell and then there were people who dint care a fig as to what happened.Then there we were,sad for those whom we knew and sad for any nice girl whom we did not actually know,but would miss passing a glance in the coming year.A face of one such female comes across so faintly right now as I am typing these words.Well all of us were kind of grumbling to the fact that we would not be able to have any gossip among us for that female anymore.But then food rules over the mind any day and we deceided to gobble down some food.To a lot of peoples dismay,there was only vegetarian food,but then you like everything when you have paid for it and I remember paying some RS.300 for the party I believe.We all got together for some time,shared some jokes and incidents and went on to the party floor also for a couple of minutes but then with hardly a soul on the floor ,we decided that it would not be that wise enough to go on for long.Some of the girls had to go in early because they had their hostel curfews and after they left ,even we slowly moved out of the scene.
bang bang bang bang!!woosshhhhh...zzzzzzz..and DAMN!its 2008,march 28th.A whole year has passed so fast that I did not even realise that my farewell would be just a week away from now.I find myself in the same situation,just that the roles have been reversed.Everyone has taken over a certain role and someone else had replaced them and are in the same shoes as we were ,as i was,last year.All the old memories keep flooding in and the nostalgia kicks in and drowns you in a gush of emotions ,not that I am the kind of emotional person that people normally are,but still the envelope of nostalgia is unmistakable.Everyone now goes on to a different path and we all hope that some day we will all criss cross and meet and there are some people we never want to come across ever again.There were myriad things all in between these three years those were worth remembering and some that one wants to drop of completely.nonetheless they are great memories.I personally was not a big fan of the way the college was or the way it was run but then slowly but surely I grew into it and things were actually flowing very well.Not that they have stopped but there is this strange feeling of not having the people whom you have liked over the period of three years and not hearing from them.
Had a lot of memorable trips,movies,incidents,friends,not so friendly friends,mood swings,disgust for some,gratitutde for some and plain appreciation for some,need for self introspection.the felling that time was getting wasted,the feeling that i can do a lot more than i am doing right now,the occasional home sickness(rarely),occasional frustration of the rules surrounding us,long nights at the basket ball court and a lot lot lot more.Then there were innumerable hostel gossips,rumour mills,debates ,incessant bitching,long hours of sleep,music ,worries and again a lot more.Everyone was just a message away in college and a lot more.
A particular day hobbles in my mind right was a day when we were all sleeping in the room till 5 in the evening ,listening to songs all throughout the nights,humming tunes all throughout and then there was this guy's CD which had the worst collection of songs that could be ever compiled by any sane person living on the face of the earth and then teasing that fellow and fingering him(do not think whatever might have crossed ur mind right now when fingering was mentioned)till dawn on his awesome taste of music.
there are just so many things that I would love to mention but then.....and...
Life goes on and as someone said 'life is a play and we play our roles in the play called life'..did I get that one right?no chance!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I Feel Great but..

So today I got up early in the morning.Something that I wanted to do for the past couple of days and did successfully today.Woke up to walk around a liitle bit ,because the climate here has been really pleasant for the past four five days and I love this type of shady rainy climate ,where it can pour out any moment and the clouds hover around you and throw up little drops of rain just to soothe you.It was all going perfect and rosy,and the positive feeling had enveloped me totally.I had so much energy running all over that I felt ecstatic within me.No exaggeration.
While I was having this energy run through my veins, I decided to have a jog on the roads that were pretty deserted in the wee hours of the morning.
As I said it felt really good and I couldnt think of anything bad and was avoiding all the dumps along side the road and having a brisk run,all this, while the climate was as beautiful as I could wish and it reflected in the smile the other people were passing on.The freshness was unmistakable.
Then a couple of things happened that shook me up and made me think that everything was not as I took it to be.I was passing through a big waste bin when I saw a movement in the bin which was overflowing with rubbish and stinking,i feeling all good and healthy,avoided the bin,when I saw a shady face in between the dump,too busy to bask into the freshness in the air and the good climate feeling that i was having.An old woman with slender arms and she was trying to get her hand on whatever useful she could find in what other people had labelled waste.She had to do this every morning and it dawned on me that no matter how pleasant I felt or not ,I could not change what other people had to go through ,atleast now.I was feeling all great but someone who was much older ,was struggling through the slime,rotten vegetables,leftover curry and spoilt food in the garbage to find her living for the day,anything tangible like a plastic item thrown and sealed as useless would be her gold.I wish I could change that.I want everyone around me to be happy.I know I will make a difference around me in a few years from now because right now ,maximum I can do right away is to stop that lady and help her.But for how many days?
Then as soon as I was thinking about that and jogging on into my conscience,I saw a kid of hardly 8 or 9,carrying vegetables and other groceries from a grocery shop to a home who had presumably asked for a 'home delivery',sipping on to their tea.Children of his age were breezing past him in their cycles and here this kid was taking the load of a days full of household items and clearly he wasnt liking it much although he was now experienced enough with all the hardships to pass this thing as normal.But then ,here again ,I saw a person who wasnt quite enjoying the way I did and to whom the happy pleasant smiling climate was not a change but just an unimportant development going around in the backdrop.I was wondering about these two things the whole day,till now, as i continue to enjoy the sudden breeze that has picked up and interested a few leaves around,which amicably brush along,as I stand in the third floor,in my balcony.I know I used a lot of commas in the earlier sentence but then thats exactly how I am enjoying the climate,without any bounds.

Friday, March 14, 2008

attAcK !! VIRUSes are here..

i dont know what to blog on today as i find no particular issue that i would like to write on for.not that there arent any but just that i am too laid back today.i just have one question ringing in my mind again and again.why does the climate become so pleasant and beautiful only during exams,when we are supposed to be cramming as like other days has been a beautiful has been shady and cloudy all throughout making it very cozy all throughout plus a good dinner makes me feel so good.most of the time went in front of the computer only and lo!its 11 o clock so fast.right now ,the news of a 10 yr old boy beaten to death and burnt alive following a very small arguement is playing on the T.V..well its sad and i would have liked to write on that but somehow,today is just not the day to burn up some calories.i feel great and am going through all the news items on,and and there is a new wardrobe malfunction case in a fashion show and the model gets her 15 seconds of exclusive coverage..whats more my comp gets attacked by a lot of viruses and to be exact there are 113 infections on the comp but do i care?some of the viruses have come from sites i better not mention but honestly its not me who went to those sites,thats what everyone here is telling actually.. bloody voyeurs!!and to the viruses..steal my anything ,i dont care..if its trojan or worms or any bloody parasite..i dont know why i am writing non sense right now but then i dont have anything better do right now..i think..this is it!!i am off..better find myself a topic to think on..
au revoir..

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

it IS late!!!

It is 00:56 and I feel nowhere close to sleeping.There is just so much to do on the net.information,information,information!!Today was a late day as I got up only around 9.need to get up really early tomorrow or rather today and I know I will.getting up really early sums up the whole day for me .more often than not it turns out to be a fantastic day whenever I get up early.But then staying online really late has had a severe effect on that routine.even now I will just go on on the net ,following link after link and stumbling across ideas and information that I did not know before.I guess I would like to blog about the internet in my next post,and believe me,I can go on and on ,talking about the net.well lets see if i do wake up early tomorrow..I believe I can..I believe I will..ending the day on a positive note ..signing ofF..!!thanks for a great today ..

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mentos ad..Excellent ..but??

Well I saw this ad a few weeks back and this ad truly managed to get everyones attention .Everyone in my room loves this ad and off late it has been one of the very different ads from the rest of the clutter.Brilliantly crafted and excellent execution of ad and the background score keeps you going with the beat of the whole dont know when the 30 seconds of the ad get over and you do wish to see it again.Well after the award winning happydent ad i guess this is one brilliant ad which connects two extreme ends ie the evolution of the human to a mentos candy.
It starts off with a monkey pulling a cart in the jungle with a donkey sitting back and it whips the monkey ,which goes through a lot of pain.They stop for a while and the monkey finds a mentos candy lying on the ground and offers it to the donkey.The donkey emphatically rejects it and the monkey pops it in.Soon it is dawned by a lot of ideas and it starts running towards the evolutionary cycle,where it first becomes a hunter and hunts down a deer,still running, the monkey rubs two stones to find fire and his body burns from a hirsuite one to a proper upright human body and then he reaches the place back where he had offered the mentos to the donkey and sees a round in shape object and finds that the donkey is still lazing around there and has not evolved while the monkey has evolved into a human and then he whoops the donkey the same way it had done to him and sits comfortably at the back of the cart which is now with wheels which the human discoveres whereas the donkey,having not evolved at all, pulls him and the tagline comes 'mentos,dimaag ki batti jala de'.The ad is produced by O&M.

Hey.But what am i listening to?My appreciation for this ad was immense but just now I saw the fat boy slim video of the song 'right here,right now' song and well the idea seems to be pretty much the same.check out the song from this link -

Plus I think there was a fosters ad which I saw some time back in college,where the idea was opposite ,as in, they showed the evolution backwards till the parasite and then they concluded that we have come this far to have the beer!!well there might be hundred such instances that there will be a copy of your idea unintentionally,somewhere or the other because you never know if two people are thinking around the same lines in a population of billions.But then somehow after knowing that the ad might have been a lift off..My zeal for the brilliant idea has been dampened and I really hope that it was an honest ad,not lifted or stolen.

HoCkey?chak De or cHuck de?

a team with its people from different back grounds.all playing for different reasons.some due to sheer love,pleasure and some because they do not know anything else.india face australia in the begining and lose badly.the coach comes in and instills such a fighting spirit in the team that they forget all differences and are suddenly taken over by the sheer drive to perform for the country.a not so organised team fights of all its detractors and rises like the phoenix to win the final in the world cup against australia.the lights turn on and the music plays 'chak de india'!!
well only in a movie could that be the face of indian hockey.
well back to the ground,India has been beaten by great britain for the olympic qualifiers 2-0.this comes as a shocker for thousands of hockey lovers.not that i am one of them but the state of the sport saddens me and should do so to everyone.what message does it send to the outside world when a country doesnt qualify in an event in the world stage when the same event is considered as the national game back home.
the nation is still not over with the hangover of the indian win in australia and the under 19 world cup win by the indian colts in malaysia.those were truly outstanding performances but sadly it doesnt stretch to the other areas of the sporting fraternity.i so not hear any other sport hogging the limelight for more than a couple of days rather than cricket.i hear an occasional arjun atwal,jyoti randhawa and a more often sania mirza(often for her off the field activities).
one of the major reason for the hockey downfall has been the lack of new methodology and measures to harness the potential of the youth and keep them interested all the has been particularly pointed out that indian hockey chief K.P.S Gill S leadership role in the association has been questionable as well as deplorable.
"We do not have a machine that you can get results instantly.We've put the process in place and the results will take some time."
what was that again?well,if not getting even to the semis of last eight world cups and last six olympics is not enough time then you need to do some proper serious thinking mr.gill and trust me i have been really nice by being respectfull till now!!and for the first time in 80 years ,india has not qualified for the olympics or rather kicked out.the coach and the staff have also resigned following the debacle.this is clearly not a average tournament or an off series that has happened , but something that has been on the slide from the past few decades.
Ashok Kumar, son of late Indian hockey wizard great Dhyan Chand told "It felt like there was a death in the family".well that statement comes directly from the heart of a person who really cares for the game as opposed to someone like gill who was rather obstinate and told that he couldnt ensure results instantly and that it would take time.
well shahrukh has laughed his way to the bank with the chak de movie and bought a new indian cricket club shelling more than 70 million dollars,so have the producers and directors and the chak de girls who are now attending all big parites and award ceremonies and even get best supporting actress award and then there still are those people who play for the real hockey team,with dreams shattered and have left the whole nation down and the fat bureaucracy that sits and oversees all these miseries.reel and real life certainly do have some differences

Monday, March 10, 2008

60000 cr. budget waiver- for the good or for the worse??

well the budget was announced on 29th feb and the FM came up witha much expected 60000cr.waiver on the loans taken from the banks by the has come as a relief for a lakhs of farmers but is it as an article in the hindu mentioned a karza maafi(loan forgiveness) measure or a voter maafi (voter forgiveness measure)?
some recently read facts have left me thinking as to ,whether the loan waivers are really that effective or is the indian farmer getting into a trap where its only their hope of a much positive future carrying them through rather than solid scientific or progressive measures.a recent article on the budget waiver in the indian express left me pretty startled but i forgot the valid facts and am trying to get my hands on the article,which i hope i will get soon.
well todays article i read in the hindu also exposed a lot about the euphemistic'waivers'that the UPA govt has given.the problems mentioned are as follows

more than half of the loans taken by the farmers are from money lenders and especially in a region like vidharbha where the farmers need the most support ,there are far less banks and financial institutions than any other place and the only resort for the hapless farmer is the usurping money lender who charges exorbiantly high rates of intrest.well chidambaram conceeded in an interview that there is no method that they can calculate how many money lenders are there or as to who all have taken loans from them .well shrugging of that responsibility is certainly not the way to go.yes its almost impossible to get a proper list of these money lenders but then someone has to come up with a certain measure some time or the other,or else we will still face this situation over and over again without doubt.

under the waiver terms it is mentioned that those having land less than 2 hectares will get a 100% waiver on their is to be noted that vidharba is one of the most affected farm regions in the country and the suicide rates there are the reasons why such measures of waivers have been taken.but it is surprising to find that the average land under a household in vidharba is 3.03 hectares ,that makes them unable to get a 100 per cent waiver.upto 50% percent of the farmers have more than 2 hectares in vidharba.the larger land holdings dont generally translate into more income oppurtunities as most of the land can be dry land ,waste land or simpy put uncultivable land that is of no practical use ,whatsoever.
many farmers in the distressed areas of andhra pradesh too get affected by this size conundrum.whereas on the other hand there will be many farmers in the rich belt areas,who without having any problem will get a waiver.
another very interesting thing i read in the artisle by P.Sainath in the hindu today was that for those having more than 2 hectares of land ,the waiver formula is like,if they pay 75% of the loans then they get a 25 % waiver.well this again is very interesting because if the farmers could pay back 75per cent ,then they might as well could pay the rest short,they wouldnt have commited suicide if they had the ability to pay 75 per cent of their loans.
it is pretty clear by the reports that have poured in till now about the farmers that farmers in particular those who have cotton yields are the one suffering the greatest is interesting to note that the average loan given to the farmers having a sugar cane yield is about rs.13000 per acre and that of the cotton is just rs.4400 per who is the one who is benefitting the most?the one who needs the waiver badly or the person who at the right time and the right palce has defaulted.well,the option is clear.
it is noted that the loan for cotton areas is taken largely during the monthss of spril to june whereas for the sugar cane it is taken from january to march.however the cut off date of loan consideration is march 31 ,2007.that clearly gives an extra edge to those having cane fields as it gives them one nore extra year.
there are myriad oppurtunities or instances the where the govt loses revenue or an opputunity cost is created that is far far higher than the 40000crore waiver.yearly lots of industry debts are also handed over as bad debts and written off annualy.the tax exemptions on sectors to boost them also causes huge revenue gap.but then the returns all the sectors gives back to the economical growth is considerable becuse of which it can be argued that these tax exemptions are encouraging.not that i am aginst giving these exemptions but the revenue gap it creates is considerable as compared to the 40000 cr waiver.
most recent example will be the delay in giving away telecom spectrums.according to a report the per day loss to the economy because of delayed apectrum allocation is around 800 crores!!yes,eight hundred crores,and all this in one day.
The asssumption is based on the fact that an investment of nearly Rs 34,021 crore (slightly over Rs 90 crore a day) has contributed to an increase of Rs 5,71,874 crore (over Rs 1,500 crore a day) to the GDP in fiscal 2006-07, according to a new report by Frost & Sullivan)
giving a waiver is certainly not the only step that could have been taken.the problem could have been nipped at the bud itself had the govt. taken care of the situation right from the time they were sworn in 2005?the PM even visited vidharba in 2006,why wasnt something specific taken into account that time?would they have adopted the same approach on the waiver if the elections were not anyway close?what surety can the govt give that these farmers wont fall into another debt trap as they are eligible to take loans again.
To end poverty ,one doesnt kill all the poor people.similarly the waiver is no strong rather shows out the gross incompetence of the givt to tackle the situtaion head on and adopt the easiest method possible.
well,populist or not.if the waiver does help the farmer ,intentionally or not,then well and good.the waiver is not as important as the follow up measures that would have to be taken to educate the farmer as to how he/she can change the scenario,head over heels.and sadly ,i have heard nothing regarding the follow up measures.hopefully they do get sorted out and it should be made by people who not only have enough knowledge about finance and planning but people who really care for the would be wonderful if the follow up measures are taken into confidence by discussing with the real farmer on the grass root level.people like the ramon magsaysay award winner and palagummi sainath who have dedicated their life for the upliftment of the farmers should constitute the board that is taking decisions.something that needs to be seen is also if the successive govt if not by the UPA,would continue the reforms or additional steps.well,hope and belief is what keeps all of us moving all the lets hope and believe that the worst is over and visualise the indian farmer in a typical yellow field with sun gently shining over him/her and there is faint tune of some happy hindi music playing in the background,one who has no debts but is confused over where to put the surplus cash.a picture where they contribute a lot to the GDP and a place where the children of the farmers are much more educated and look at farming with pride and innovate everyday and face all the challenges head on ,where suicide is not even an option for avoiding burdens.amen!!