Tuesday, January 22, 2008



Hmm..Finally ,got the internet connection back and running.nothing much happened today.Was a beautiful day as usual.It always is when you wake up late but then i woke up at 7 today,well.Was woken up would be exact.Got late for college as usual but had good excuses today though.Wont go deep into them.

Anyways got late by 5 minutes (lets keep it at 5) and the college doors again closed but today we planned not to bunk any classes ,dont know what got into us to take such a decision!!They shortened the classes from an hour to a 50 minute period but whoa!,time stops when college goes..50 minutes is an entire life time in the class.It is like all the staff comes in and teach and as soon as they do so the time freezes and everything goes to the slow motion mode.Big yawns and welled up eyes.
Had 5 periods and attended them all and even came to college after lunch.Well that took some convincing though after the paranthas and the lassi we had.Dont know how much attendance percentage i would be having ,well all of us would be having,considering that we have been to college for roughly 8 days and that too is like crossing the threshhold of optimism ,and even those 8 days we ve attended only half days.Well going by the records ,40% attendance will be really gracious although i doubt it.

To add to my miseries , I ll have to take a week off to go to pune for the GDs and PIs.Not that i am complaining on that front.Looking forward to be there.

Have to doze off now or else I will have to copy paste the whole thing for tomorrow also for the likeliness of getting late again.

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