Monday, October 8, 2007

40 days for CAT and a mountain of expectations

well second day on the blog..and jus around 40 days to go fr th CAT xam..have to do a round up of ol the things..wish it were as easy as i said..well..a lot of expectations and burden TO carry through ol of them too..everyone expects somethin or th other..and this expectation probably leaves a little time to be with acts how others expect f them and loses the vital individual in him / her..and this is wher blogging can here i am updatin my newly found passion..everyone probably expects so much around me tht i have very less option bt to carry them through..i am tryin very hard fr this years all vital exam and not sure about the outcome..not tht i cant but sometimes u think of it and get jitters..although i might write it next year too but still a pang of guilt might still be thr as to why i wasted a todays world one has to be fast or else thw world just rips one apart and moves forward..not givin a damn about what ones credentials were..well lets see..if things turn out to be this little blog keeps on gettin updated..i am certainly optimistic as of now..have to go back now and start some studies...!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

october th 7th

created a bloG...needed it fr a long tym..wont be bloggin regularly fr some tym..
bt sure to find tym aftr november..have loadsa xams...
this ws jus a trial..
signin off!!!