Tuesday, January 8, 2008

POST CAT exams

Well..I had two posts earlier and it was mostly about the cat exam.the exam was not good as i had hoped in my earlier blog.That was written on the 8 th of october if i remember.i had promised that i will blog more after the nov 18 th exam.
It has taken some time,but i will be regularly blogging from know on for sure.I was actually waiting for my other management exam test SNAP s results to be out and well they were excellent according to me.All those expectations and hopes have been answered in the positive by me.i am sure that i will get a call from the major symbiosis institutes and have to attend their group discussuions and personal interviews too.Well i believe i can clear them.It would be nice when i will be writing one of my blogs from one of the symbiosis institutes.
wrote xat also and believe that it was good too.Anyway now i believe that i will be continuing my studies and not having a break as i will get into some of the good institutes .Well i guess i might be sounding a little over confident but then this is my way of keeping myself pepped up all the time ,believing in myself that i can do anything.
It is one of my resolutions this year to be absolutely positive right throughout and dont even think anything other than positive.Believe  me, it helps and gives you great confidence to do anything.
when you want something,all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it-paulo coelho
I dont know if i got that quote exactly right but the meaning is clear i believe.
well its jan 9 ,00:35 am not feeling sleepy.sitting back,typing away and a warm coffee to give me company.prinz too is having coffee and doesnt have any plans to sleep anytime now , he told me.
Have to go to college today atleast.havent been going for a week now.have to look at things on that front too.
I guess thats it for now.I will be back with loads to write.Au revoir.

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