Monday, April 28, 2008

NONe MoRal PoliCeS Me !!

Ok..finally I guess I have decided to come out of my cave and start blogging again..Feel just about perfect to blog..

Now I do not understand this ..What the hell is wrong with our politicians?Well I have never understood their ways anyway..Why on earth cant they do what they are supposed to do rather than become our daily moral policing squad..Now they have a problem with the cheerleaders of IPL now..They think they are provocative,they think it is very occidental,the dresses are too short,instigate the male testosterones and fire them up and what not?

"I cannot understand the necessity of cheergirls at the IPL matches. I am not against any new

concept, but Kolkatans are not yet ready for cheergirls," West Bengal Sports Minister Subhas Chakraborty.

“The scantily clad foreign girls’ dances are certainly obscene and do not gel with the Indian sensibilities, culture and ethos,” the minister said.

"exploitation of women" Termed one womens group.

These were the comment's passed by some of the groups on the recent cheerleader melodrama in the much debated Indian premier league.what are my views on this?

These cheer leaders are contracted proffesionals and should be treated like professionals rather than crying over the culture doom.The so called protectors of moral India fume over a point made by a lot of people that they are watching the whole thing with their families and it would not be appropriate to have cheerleaders spill cleave all over the screens.Now dont tell me that all is well other than this IPL cheerleaders.infact right now while flipping through the channels I come across normal bollywood songs which are almost as provocative or suggestive and i hardly see what the leaders and other so called women organisations are grinning about?

There are a lot of other issues to see to than taking up the measuring scale and see how long the skirts of washington reds or any other god damn blues are?Can we have the leaders just do what they are meant to do?Let them go and solve the myriad problems that the farmers have and are suiciding every hour all over.Go provide electricity to the people who are stll in dark in this era of globalization,curb INFLATION for god sake.

Moral policing is a sign of a society that is being repeatedly knocked by the fists of change but people are still apprehensive towards it as they feel that it will sweep them off their ground as their principles are not built on strong elements.

The crowd for their part is purely enjoying each and every moment of the action.A lot of the action however takes place in the television sets which go perilously close to the bodies of the beautiful women.

Now I am not comparing the cheer leaders with the kind of dresses the bollywood actresses wear or anyone wears for that matter because I do not have any kind of objection to that too.i wont get anywhere comparing them with a Mallika or a Bipasha,rather than thinking about them!!The politicians have really sunk so deep in the abyss of vote ballot that they really do not mind using the name of any public event to forward their ideas and there are enough people who find a topic and cling on to the thread while the matter is hot.

You might be thinking why on earth am I hell bent to protect the so called scantily clad females..Well I am not supporting them.. Yeah some of them are scantily clad but then unless we hear from the real people ,and not the govt.(although its supposed to be an elected representative)It goes nowhere.Yeah the girls can go seek some clothes keeping in mind the family involvement in watching these IPL mom watches it non stop..although none at my place has any problems)..But then the only thing that troubles me is the level of involvement of the moral police. Agreed that it might be obscene but then again the moral police troubles my sense of freedom..I say it would be even better if there are cheerleaders in draped in Indian culture.As my friend Saema pointed out(hey..I have put your suggestion ok!!)..Probably places like Mohali can do with some Bhangra and stuff like tht..Let s give each place to showcase their culture..But don’t go all guns blazing going around the inch of cloth by which the cheerleaders are covered by instead come up with solutions you.. you..‘LEAD’ers!!

Let me take the Scarlette keeling murder where are the politicians there ,on that issue?None has issued a single statement regarding the safety of women especially foreign women on indian soil.Molestation news is just another passing by element in the news staple.rather than trying to give justice her mother Fiona is accused of man slaughtering and being a careless mother and many other adjectives instead of finding what actually happened to scarlette,and now the person accused has accused her off defamamtion..Well there is some one liner you have for such situations where the thief becomes the one to charge..But then I dont remember what shit that was..well I am digressing off the topic a little I believe..

From my point off view its pure fun and frolic,well,for any other guy it would be fun Iguess.Then there comes the issue of them hogging more limelight than the cricket ..well I wonder if there is no quality cricket,how many would come to see only the dancers.Now whatever happened to ICL..They had dancing damsels too and none raised any voice cos it would be hardly heard.Wasnt the national moral security under threat that time?

I dont know but then I rarely find any approval with the men in white and I hope many others too dont agree with them or I would be labelled as a 'pervert cricket lover'!!Any different point of view is welcome so are alike views..

Now as I am posting this there comes the news that Delhi has banned the cheerleaders!!

God save us all!!


a new philosopher is born said...

u r right and i used to argue in the same way as u do. but lets just take a breather and ask ourselves, what is that that is special abt india? isnt it the culture. these politicians though are often manipulative, and are ofen wrong, their moral policing is a way of presereving the culture. nudity by itself is not wrong. but vulgarity.....well...i hink it should be banned. think abt innocent kids, who will be watching this. wouldnt they try to ape it....

ArUn raFi said...

@ new philosopher is born

it will take some time fr me to believe tht what our men in white do can be agreed upon but my point here is not that..the politicians have so many other important things to look at and they waste presious time here.and i hate far as children are concerned ,wont they try to ape the cricketers as well and probably get better in some sport..

Pranay said...

i totally agree wid u... they just need to remind people that 'we are also here' by kicking some controversy or the other...
i liked ur views.. well done..

unpretentious_diva said...

That Ramodas, grabbed attention first on cigerrettes now he is attacking on liquors used in movies.

Mumbai politicians wants to safeguard culture.

ask them where the culture goes when hooligans eveteases girls on every roads, no matters girls remains in burqas and salwar suit.

politicians knows only how to bicker and bark


cheer leaders concept is new in India and will take time to people to cope up with it..

jinxykid said...

i hate these stupid 'we conserve india' politicians...they jus wanna show their presence...

if they had utilized their brains on more constructive issues...errr..thats not gonna happen in a long long time...In the mean time "**** them..."

sourav said...

you are know these politicians aren't interested in looking into the other issues which needs complete attention but look at them they are busy banning the fashion tv,cheer girls and if they will cause aids in front of the tv.huh.

nice post dude :)

Anti Bookworm CEO said...

superb quote man...:)
There's nothing much to fume abt the cheer girlz but we can see how our politicians care for us ;)
he he.
I totally agree with Arun..
Nice post macha...

Ash D said...

True true, absolutely true, The cheerleaders issue is just unnecessary. I don't c the politicians voicing their opinion on the state of the nation. They voice it on things that will stir the section that clings to the so called Indian state of mind.All they can talk about is such stuff. I should say, wasnt kamasutra written in India?? Why aren't people aware that sexuality is an issue that has to be dealt with maturely with an open mind and not such narrow mindedness...

Yes and as for my personal opinion, Maybe yea, the b'lore cheerleaders cld wear more casual stuff, like what the chennai or mumbai cheergals wear...sleeveless tops and trousers or even just a casual Tee and track pant can make a nice costume,
Complete reduction in clothing is not really that necessary, it doesnt really gel well with the atmosphere...

Tshhar Mangal said...

we think so alike
Glad to find a person who shares similar views

SAEMA..... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SAEMA..... said...

hey thnks a lot 4 mentioning my name n not copying my views widout rights...
newayz i agree wid all wht u wrote in ur blog..BUT im totaly against d whole concept of cheer leaders..its nt tht m narrow minded or sumthng..dancing mallika n rakhi r 4evr welcum in moviez n videos but not in a match..
reasons:well they hav no relevnce to the game..wht is the need of girls, wearing skimpy clothing, dance aftr evry 4 or 6??? nt tht i wud lyk thm evn if they wore a burqa.. Cricket is the gentlemen's game n shud b let 2 remain so..i agree tht the entertainment quotient iz alwayz thr but cumon we hav 13 players n 2 umpires 2 provide v need more?? moreovr cheerleaders is a wasteful expenditure of the already scarce resources of r crackers, dancing stars n des cheer the country whr 30% of the ppl liv below poverty line..insted of providing basic ammenities 2 thm we r incurring huge costs just 2 import sum FIRANGIS!!!n moreovr if the same amt is spent on sum othr game say hockey thn mayb r team wud qualify 4 the olympics..
so i thnk my pnt is clear..less cloths or more of thm, guyz or galz,thr shud b no 1 dancing coz we hav bettr places 2c ppl dancing..n lets concentrate only on the match...

Ashwin said...

a gr8 blog buddy n a nice way to convey ur message across....gr8 soin buddy.... gud way to study b/w ur xams.... :D
i dont agree with saema'a perspective completely....
shez speaking just like a true politician..... :O
rather i wud suggest u kept ur point very well across.

ArUn raFi said...

@unpretentious diva
although i dont agree with ramadoss on the new fast food controversy,i kinda like his show of force on SRK and others on is a far larger problem and needs some strict measures.
yeah **** em !! :)
man aids on tv..dude tht was a cool one!!
@ash d
agree with u totally although kamasutra and ellora caves are kinda cliched examples now.

yeah man..they truly care about us

@tshhar mangal
many others will be ther too..if there arent..then we have a serious problem..

well i dont think it wud be right to bicker about the wastage of the resources.i see no harm if people enjoy both the cricket as well as the cheerleaders.and women in burkha s might ignite some controversies for sure.

ther r hardly any studies these days.infact when i gt bored i study.u can fight it out with saema here..the stage is all yours..
@ghost rider
i dont care if it catches or not..that wasnt the point..have to see if leaders will get more sense..

cheers to all

Anonymous said...

Lets just play cricket, shall we???

Golden Vulture said...

yeahh you are somewhat right .. don't know what the hell they want to make out of India now ..

Arush Mittal said...

i think u r right..cheerleaders are for entertainment at the grounds..wats wrng if dey entertain ppl in their own way..

Pooja said...

You're a natural at columnizing... i mean, have you considered writing columns for newspapers or magazines... u're pretty good with it!

ArUn raFi said...

i am flattered!!
arun rafi

Vivek Pandey said...

I wish if someone could just reset their thought processes so that these people can just stop 'moral-policing' around.

While the world is heading for a cross cultural environment, generating vote banks on the base of these silly reasons is just not the right thing.

Matangi Mawley said...

hey.. tht was well written..

this is india.. n i think we shd get used to it! :)

IT Buddy said...

you are absolutely right !! I'm from Chennai , i am telling this because if you see the cheerleaders for other teams they come in swimsuits [almost] , except our Team ., Felt very bad !!

I wrote the same kind of post here .,

Gagan said...

u r right man !!!

if they have problem with IPL then they shud ban all hindi movies also !

Arwindh said...

its right..these moral policing should be stopped..

nice post..esp,, i liked that hungry cartoonnn