Saturday, August 2, 2008

tIme TIme..nevER leT IT go..

Night 12 23 and I just came from outside and today I have confirmed what I always hated.These two things piss me off no matter with whom it is concerned and anyone reading this blog and knows me, better understand that they restrict from both of them.These two things are
1.Making me wait
2.Making me waste time
I hate these from the corest of cores of my upper left side organ called the heart.They turn me off instantly and I am already in the worst of moods today .I got amazingly pissed off when I wasted like 2 hours at a mall here like a jackass.Supposed to go for a movie today and as soon as everyone reached forum ,everyone split up and went gaga over the discounts flinged by UCB and Tommy and the gals,well they led the way for that.Not their fault too but then I was in such a magnanimous bad mood that I felt as  if everything was just swirling and twitching against me.I hate it when people just aimlessly wander without a certain plan and folks it wasnt even a saturday.Its a friday.A damn weekday.Proper weekend is yet to come.Shit man!Today was easily one of the most 'I AM PISSED' days.Some days are just there when u know that everything is gona go bad .When you know that cows will fly and shit on your head.Today was just that day .Right from the start when I missed the first two  hours of the class and missed my marketing exam too.Continued when I ws told that we ll be going out for a movie by 2 and actually started moving only by 3.Waste of  holy precious devillish time again.Reached the mall and again wandering like nomads for a couple of hours with one group splitting here and one there and a pissed me wanting to show my finger to everyone.I might be over reacting but then today was just like that.I guess I even  dint react to my friends properly ,felt bad but then ,what the hell?
Shit man.In the end I find the whole day funny.Seriously.Such a fuck up today was.and thats the first time I am using an expletive in the blog but then what the..My blog, my fuckin wish.Right now a LIFEHOUSE song is  placating me and I do wish that it continously does so or else I ll go bonkers and probably do some crazy shit like throwin up the laptop against a wall as a measure of stress relief but then I aint any rockstar and neither do I own Indias biggest software company or even the smallest for that matter.So I withdraw from doing that. Playing 'I wanna be a rockstar' by Nickelback. Good sense prevails,I refrain from any destructive purpose.Man I wish I could sabotage an entire building too like the way they do in Brad Pitt starrer  'FIGHTCLUB'.The hindi version was such a shame man!!And if anyone reading this blog and liked the hindi version,dude,stay back cos I am being ultra discriminatory and telling you that,You are not welcome!!Go ahead charge me of discrimination for hvaing ni brains and sense.
I was waiting to write something for a month but then could not do so because of the 'B school' routine .And see i just felt like tearing everything apart and writing this and words are flowing.Poets earlier used to have LSD so that they could see the world in slow motion and write the lines for their art.Thats because after you have LSD the world seems to slowdown.People say so.I can guess that it must be pretty much true too.Right now I am in that position ,its just flowing.Even got late to college at night and came through a different secret route to avoid putting my name on the late list to be scrutinised by someone concerned later.Neither do I care.People.LIFEHOUSE is an excellent band man!!Kickass songs!Depressing songs actually..Bloody depressing!!Actually nice songs but then 'missing you; kind of songs..Come to senses Arun!!I am totally messed up and confused today but I dont know how to explain a strange feeling of satisfaction and  kind of serenity coming over me.I guess this is the lowest I can sink in when bad mood is concerned and happy that whatever happens will be better than what has already happened.Man,me and my optimism!!I am really dreaming.
Something else that put me off are friends those who dont reciprocate any calls or messages when you take the pain to move your ass and ask how they are.This goes especially to my al azhar friends who have been the biggest turn off s I have ever felt.Screw you all.For those who dont know what Al azhar is,dont  mind to ask too.u wont lose ur life if you dont know that nor is the world coming down .
I guess I will just withdraw right now and have a nap.Man I have wasted the whole day!!Never gona happen again.Wanna watch a movie too but then again I will not be able to wake up tomorrow at time and I have to get up early tomorrow.A challenge to myself.Good day to me ahead.


Vinayak said...

hey nice post
I liked it
keep blogging

ArUn raFi said...

@ vinayak
i dont actually know what to say..
if u havent read it .
thrs in no bloody compulsion to just do a formality and earn brownie points..

Gagan said...

very nice !! keep posting !!

Siddharth Bose said...

That's a nice post, keep them coming...

cyril said...

You have no clue what acid/LSD can help you see.
I suggest you try it first and then write abt what it does.