Tuesday, March 11, 2008

HoCkey?chak De or cHuck de?

a team with its people from different back grounds.all playing for different reasons.some due to sheer love,pleasure and some because they do not know anything else.india face australia in the begining and lose badly.the coach comes in and instills such a fighting spirit in the team that they forget all differences and are suddenly taken over by the sheer drive to perform for the country.a not so organised team fights of all its detractors and rises like the phoenix to win the final in the world cup against australia.the lights turn on and the music plays 'chak de india'!!
well only in a movie could that be the face of indian hockey.
well back to the ground,India has been beaten by great britain for the olympic qualifiers 2-0.this comes as a shocker for thousands of hockey lovers.not that i am one of them but the state of the sport saddens me and should do so to everyone.what message does it send to the outside world when a country doesnt qualify in an event in the world stage when the same event is considered as the national game back home.
the nation is still not over with the hangover of the indian win in australia and the under 19 world cup win by the indian colts in malaysia.those were truly outstanding performances but sadly it doesnt stretch to the other areas of the sporting fraternity.i so not hear any other sport hogging the limelight for more than a couple of days rather than cricket.i hear an occasional arjun atwal,jyoti randhawa and a more often sania mirza(often for her off the field activities).
one of the major reason for the hockey downfall has been the lack of new methodology and measures to harness the potential of the youth and keep them interested all the while.it has been particularly pointed out that indian hockey chief K.P.S Gill S leadership role in the association has been questionable as well as deplorable.
"We do not have a machine that you can get results instantly.We've put the process in place and the results will take some time."
what was that again?well,if not getting even to the semis of last eight world cups and last six olympics is not enough time then you need to do some proper serious thinking mr.gill and trust me i have been really nice by being respectfull till now!!and for the first time in 80 years ,india has not qualified for the olympics or rather kicked out.the coach and the staff have also resigned following the debacle.this is clearly not a average tournament or an off series that has happened , but something that has been on the slide from the past few decades.
Ashok Kumar, son of late Indian hockey wizard great Dhyan Chand told "It felt like there was a death in the family".well that statement comes directly from the heart of a person who really cares for the game as opposed to someone like gill who was rather obstinate and told that he couldnt ensure results instantly and that it would take time.
well shahrukh has laughed his way to the bank with the chak de movie and bought a new indian cricket club shelling more than 70 million dollars,so have the producers and directors and the chak de girls who are now attending all big parites and award ceremonies and even get best supporting actress award and then there still are those people who play for the real hockey team,with dreams shattered and have left the whole nation down and the fat bureaucracy that sits and oversees all these miseries.reel and real life certainly do have some differences

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