Saturday, March 29, 2008

What did you do, 8 to 9?

so there is an earth hour today from 8 pm to 9 pm local time.wonder how many people will follow it but i am right in and would certainly do it.we need more earth hours to save the earth from the global menace of warming.last year it was sydney and this year 2008 is a global earth day observation.24 global cities are participating and there is no indian city as the news channel just showed up.last year the earth hour was observed on march 31 .the official website for it is:
there are around 286000 people who have joined in the event.and right now i am trying to join but the server comes up as busy.i hope its because of a rush in signing up.i am still refreshing it and hopefully it does before 8 o clock because i wont be switching on any device.not even my mobile.lets see.
but then i am sure that none in these apartments would do that .there has to be a larger movement.something in the scale of the seven wonders edition ,where so much publicity was given to the taj and it eventually became the highest voted wonder,although it was overshadowed by the bipasha - ronaldo fling in the post celebrations.but that is immaterial and right now the sign up section has opened up and i am bidding farewell to the blog right now.
save electricity,sAvE EARTH!!!loNg LiVe..

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