Thursday, March 27, 2008

what?its march 2008 ? !!

Right now I feel very sleepy sitting in front of the computer.So I thought I will get some thoughts in through the post and decided that this one will be ,what i call my 'picture post'.
This pic, as mentioned in the snap was taken on a normal day ,dated,5th april 2007 at 8:05pm.It was the time when the,that time third years had to leave college and were given the farewell party.I remember I had just shifted out a couple of months back from the day the pic was taken and was still in the mode of enjoying my new found lease of life outside the cramped walls of the hostel.I even remember that,on that day while we were getting ready,the current went and we were like 'oh shit!what to do now?'.Dressing up in pitch dark.Candles are something that we never had at home.Who would actually care about a bloody candle?
So we somehow managed to get shirts and jeans in a proper order and slipped into them and left for Jenny club where the farewell party was supposed to take.Third years were already there and all were kind of dejected and something told that they would all miss each other ,admit it or not.Some were even drunk,so that they actually dont feel the pinch of the farewell and then there were people who dint care a fig as to what happened.Then there we were,sad for those whom we knew and sad for any nice girl whom we did not actually know,but would miss passing a glance in the coming year.A face of one such female comes across so faintly right now as I am typing these words.Well all of us were kind of grumbling to the fact that we would not be able to have any gossip among us for that female anymore.But then food rules over the mind any day and we deceided to gobble down some food.To a lot of peoples dismay,there was only vegetarian food,but then you like everything when you have paid for it and I remember paying some RS.300 for the party I believe.We all got together for some time,shared some jokes and incidents and went on to the party floor also for a couple of minutes but then with hardly a soul on the floor ,we decided that it would not be that wise enough to go on for long.Some of the girls had to go in early because they had their hostel curfews and after they left ,even we slowly moved out of the scene.
bang bang bang bang!!woosshhhhh...zzzzzzz..and DAMN!its 2008,march 28th.A whole year has passed so fast that I did not even realise that my farewell would be just a week away from now.I find myself in the same situation,just that the roles have been reversed.Everyone has taken over a certain role and someone else had replaced them and are in the same shoes as we were ,as i was,last year.All the old memories keep flooding in and the nostalgia kicks in and drowns you in a gush of emotions ,not that I am the kind of emotional person that people normally are,but still the envelope of nostalgia is unmistakable.Everyone now goes on to a different path and we all hope that some day we will all criss cross and meet and there are some people we never want to come across ever again.There were myriad things all in between these three years those were worth remembering and some that one wants to drop of completely.nonetheless they are great memories.I personally was not a big fan of the way the college was or the way it was run but then slowly but surely I grew into it and things were actually flowing very well.Not that they have stopped but there is this strange feeling of not having the people whom you have liked over the period of three years and not hearing from them.
Had a lot of memorable trips,movies,incidents,friends,not so friendly friends,mood swings,disgust for some,gratitutde for some and plain appreciation for some,need for self introspection.the felling that time was getting wasted,the feeling that i can do a lot more than i am doing right now,the occasional home sickness(rarely),occasional frustration of the rules surrounding us,long nights at the basket ball court and a lot lot lot more.Then there were innumerable hostel gossips,rumour mills,debates ,incessant bitching,long hours of sleep,music ,worries and again a lot more.Everyone was just a message away in college and a lot more.
A particular day hobbles in my mind right was a day when we were all sleeping in the room till 5 in the evening ,listening to songs all throughout the nights,humming tunes all throughout and then there was this guy's CD which had the worst collection of songs that could be ever compiled by any sane person living on the face of the earth and then teasing that fellow and fingering him(do not think whatever might have crossed ur mind right now when fingering was mentioned)till dawn on his awesome taste of music.
there are just so many things that I would love to mention but then.....and...
Life goes on and as someone said 'life is a play and we play our roles in the play called life'..did I get that one right?no chance!!

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