Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Quiet and peaceful day..

Just came back after a nice movie and read a few blogs through the orkut blogger community links.tomorrow onwards exams are starting and i need to give in some decent effort for the exams.went out today with friends and had lunch with them.i,ug,prnz,javi,sahil,sundar,naseeb,anmol and nidhya.had lunch at mary brown and then went off to boomerang just to sit and kill some between me,javi,prnz and sundar went to a clothing showrrom and just decided to pass some time there and make someone buy something if possible too..well thats what happens when you are with javi,he will suggest you a shop from where he needs to buy something and finally all others who are accompanying him end up with a purchase bill and he walks off it could have been prnz's turn if only the shop had the correct fit for him,but that was not to be.
then we went to Boomerang and i was getting totally bored and totally uninterested in the conversation going around and so i thought of picking on anmol and asked her why she wasnt talking to another female in the class ,although i had no business of enquiring about it.but then the discussion soon blew up much more in proportion than i had planned and i wasnt grumbling about it either..while everyone was having a dig at her ,i took a back seat and just saw the proceedings.and naseeb actually called up that female and then we actually spoke to her about the issue !!and she also agreed to go along and talk to her..just that anmol requires some time probably.but then just think of it??i simply took over the issue because i was getting plain bored and it actually turned out to be pretty beneficial..midas touch!!
after everything , we left the place and i saw this book vendor by the love for books has no bounds and always end up buying books .the one i bought today was the story of GOOGLE..i dont know how relevant the story is now because google is one company where the rules of the game change within a tiny bit of a second,but then i thought of going ahead and buying it.Having read Paulo Coelho's 'flowing like a river', a collection of short stories,i waS thinking off picking one his books 'veronika decides to die',but then laid off from that thought.then there were the regular dose of sex books and fantasy books as usual.
hey!right now i even wanna post an article on some of my friends,individually,as to what i felt about them or feel about them.hmmm...i will do it later..

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