Friday, March 14, 2008

attAcK !! VIRUSes are here..

i dont know what to blog on today as i find no particular issue that i would like to write on for.not that there arent any but just that i am too laid back today.i just have one question ringing in my mind again and again.why does the climate become so pleasant and beautiful only during exams,when we are supposed to be cramming as like other days has been a beautiful has been shady and cloudy all throughout making it very cozy all throughout plus a good dinner makes me feel so good.most of the time went in front of the computer only and lo!its 11 o clock so fast.right now ,the news of a 10 yr old boy beaten to death and burnt alive following a very small arguement is playing on the T.V..well its sad and i would have liked to write on that but somehow,today is just not the day to burn up some calories.i feel great and am going through all the news items on,and and there is a new wardrobe malfunction case in a fashion show and the model gets her 15 seconds of exclusive coverage..whats more my comp gets attacked by a lot of viruses and to be exact there are 113 infections on the comp but do i care?some of the viruses have come from sites i better not mention but honestly its not me who went to those sites,thats what everyone here is telling actually.. bloody voyeurs!!and to the viruses..steal my anything ,i dont care..if its trojan or worms or any bloody parasite..i dont know why i am writing non sense right now but then i dont have anything better do right now..i think..this is it!!i am off..better find myself a topic to think on..
au revoir..

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