Monday, March 17, 2008

I Feel Great but..

So today I got up early in the morning.Something that I wanted to do for the past couple of days and did successfully today.Woke up to walk around a liitle bit ,because the climate here has been really pleasant for the past four five days and I love this type of shady rainy climate ,where it can pour out any moment and the clouds hover around you and throw up little drops of rain just to soothe you.It was all going perfect and rosy,and the positive feeling had enveloped me totally.I had so much energy running all over that I felt ecstatic within me.No exaggeration.
While I was having this energy run through my veins, I decided to have a jog on the roads that were pretty deserted in the wee hours of the morning.
As I said it felt really good and I couldnt think of anything bad and was avoiding all the dumps along side the road and having a brisk run,all this, while the climate was as beautiful as I could wish and it reflected in the smile the other people were passing on.The freshness was unmistakable.
Then a couple of things happened that shook me up and made me think that everything was not as I took it to be.I was passing through a big waste bin when I saw a movement in the bin which was overflowing with rubbish and stinking,i feeling all good and healthy,avoided the bin,when I saw a shady face in between the dump,too busy to bask into the freshness in the air and the good climate feeling that i was having.An old woman with slender arms and she was trying to get her hand on whatever useful she could find in what other people had labelled waste.She had to do this every morning and it dawned on me that no matter how pleasant I felt or not ,I could not change what other people had to go through ,atleast now.I was feeling all great but someone who was much older ,was struggling through the slime,rotten vegetables,leftover curry and spoilt food in the garbage to find her living for the day,anything tangible like a plastic item thrown and sealed as useless would be her gold.I wish I could change that.I want everyone around me to be happy.I know I will make a difference around me in a few years from now because right now ,maximum I can do right away is to stop that lady and help her.But for how many days?
Then as soon as I was thinking about that and jogging on into my conscience,I saw a kid of hardly 8 or 9,carrying vegetables and other groceries from a grocery shop to a home who had presumably asked for a 'home delivery',sipping on to their tea.Children of his age were breezing past him in their cycles and here this kid was taking the load of a days full of household items and clearly he wasnt liking it much although he was now experienced enough with all the hardships to pass this thing as normal.But then ,here again ,I saw a person who wasnt quite enjoying the way I did and to whom the happy pleasant smiling climate was not a change but just an unimportant development going around in the backdrop.I was wondering about these two things the whole day,till now, as i continue to enjoy the sudden breeze that has picked up and interested a few leaves around,which amicably brush along,as I stand in the third floor,in my balcony.I know I used a lot of commas in the earlier sentence but then thats exactly how I am enjoying the climate,without any bounds.

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