Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The dead man who wore pyjamas!! (2)

Well..Now the end days of college are pacing in and I really feel grateful to all the friends who have been there around me and have been with me regardless of what I have thought of them.and exacltly when I was feeling damn sad and down that I would have to leave my friends all over again and start a new life once again,I came through the above article by paulo coelho,well in this case the one i have mentioned below in the other blog.I am not a big fan off Paulo Coelho s books but then some of his short stories in the book 'like the flowing river ' were beautifull.I was someone who always bragged or boasted that I will not be missing my friends neither the college life here but then now since the end days are really darkenning around me and making their presence felt in a god damn hard way,I feel nostalgic of each and everything that I see around and try associating that place with something I have done when the early days of college were still setting in.
It all happened yesterday,when we went for dinner and we ended up in a place which was shown to us by our seniors that time ,the time when they were leaving.Now I find myself in the same place and then I actually confessed to my roomies that I was actually feeling sad that moment as we would be parting each other.Something that I have never done before ie I have never told anyone that I would actually miss them but now I do.I even told them that we will sleep together for the coming days in the same room and share all those moments we all had till that time(no matter how gay it sounds!!)..
Yes..I was feeling sad and down when I came across the page on Paulo Coelho s book and that really shook me up.I indeed am thankfull to all the friends and people who have supported me till now.thanks a lot!!!

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