Friday, April 4, 2008

Final Day At College..

So..the farewell also got over yesterday with the awrds day bringing down the curtains on the college days.well i am not that emotional right now like the way i was feeling the other day .but then the sentiments seem to be rubbing off to other people.for some time yeaterday sahil felt sad i believe and then after the party was over ,when we were dropping the girls off to the college ,hema confessed that she had till that time thought that it would not be hard to bid goodbye but then now,it was particularly hard and not so easy.well its gona be like that way till the new set of friends arrive..i believe..
yesterday started off with the awards day and had a lot of performances by the juniors.they held the whole function beautifully had so many performances that it it was too much to handle in the end.we had to sit there for five hours ,after which the curtains were drawn ,ending with prnz and co s performances..curtains were pulled down with a farewell song and everyone lit up a candle each and waved in the air ,making it emotional(although i dont feel much emotional) and making it extra hot too!!everyone wanted to sport a kurta and so we went to the place close by to buy kurtas and bought one each.came back to the room by about six and got ready for the party at jennys.the last year photo of which i had put up in a post earlier titled "its march...."that time i certainly did not think that i would be posting our farewell so soon.right now i dont feel like posting anything but then i have to because i will try evading it if procastinated the party started at around 6 30 and we reached there by 7 30(late as usual)..everyone was already on the dance floor,well not exactly dance floor,but grass floor..everyone was dancing in the lawn with the surdy DJ mixing up some average music.we all had dinner after that and then went out in the lawn and sat there and spoke non sense till 10 30 and clicked a few pics here and there,when the organiser came and told that the hostel girls had to be back by 10 30 and that it was time for them to pack up.accompanied them till the hostel,recounting all the old stories and gossips and incidents ..there s something about the night and cool wind blowing on your face,that turns you honest and humble and let everything out in the right sheds off all the inhibtions and act very simple ,letting the heart rule over the brain rather than the other way around that happens more oftenly.and everyone was letting out whatever they felt .when you are deeply into something,you never know when time flies by and woosh!!we had walked from the jenny club till the hostel and suddenly felt that it was too short a distance to confide over everything and were not exactly in the mood to be going back, the devil in me had a secret wish that someone should cry among us but then that was not to be..but then you cant have everything the way you want and then we went back to the place where the party was taking place and everyone joined in and had lots of final departing pics taken.well,we four five guys were sitting on the stairs inside the lobby and it was as if we were asking indirectly for our pics to be taken and everyone passing by actually came in and took a pic.well anyone would have seeing the way we were seated ,one after the another in a row on the was inviting enough for a pic to be was as if we were desperate to get photographed more and were sitting on the steps so that none who passes by could miss us.everyone who strolled by gave a warm smile and took up their cams and had a photo taken .not that we were complaining :)

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