Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mentos ad..Excellent ..but??

Well I saw this ad a few weeks back and this ad truly managed to get everyones attention .Everyone in my room loves this ad and off late it has been one of the very different ads from the rest of the clutter.Brilliantly crafted and excellent execution of ad and the background score keeps you going with the beat of the whole ad.you dont know when the 30 seconds of the ad get over and you do wish to see it again.Well after the award winning happydent ad i guess this is one brilliant ad which connects two extreme ends ie the evolution of the human to a mentos candy.
It starts off with a monkey pulling a cart in the jungle with a donkey sitting back and it whips the monkey ,which goes through a lot of pain.They stop for a while and the monkey finds a mentos candy lying on the ground and offers it to the donkey.The donkey emphatically rejects it and the monkey pops it in.Soon it is dawned by a lot of ideas and it starts running towards the evolutionary cycle,where it first becomes a hunter and hunts down a deer,still running, the monkey rubs two stones to find fire and his body burns from a hirsuite one to a proper upright human body and then he reaches the place back where he had offered the mentos to the donkey and sees a round in shape object and finds that the donkey is still lazing around there and has not evolved while the monkey has evolved into a human and then he whoops the donkey the same way it had done to him and sits comfortably at the back of the cart which is now with wheels which the human discoveres whereas the donkey,having not evolved at all, pulls him and the tagline comes 'mentos,dimaag ki batti jala de'.The ad is produced by O&M.

Hey.But what am i listening to?My appreciation for this ad was immense but just now I saw the fat boy slim video of the song 'right here,right now' song and well the idea seems to be pretty much the same.check out the song from this link - http://youtube.com/watch?v=R795KiMD4zs

Plus I think there was a fosters ad which I saw some time back in college,where the idea was opposite ,as in, they showed the evolution backwards till the parasite and then they concluded that we have come this far to have the beer!!well there might be hundred such instances that there will be a copy of your idea unintentionally,somewhere or the other because you never know if two people are thinking around the same lines in a population of billions.But then somehow after knowing that the ad might have been a lift off..My zeal for the brilliant idea has been dampened and I really hope that it was an honest ad,not lifted or stolen.

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