Wednesday, March 5, 2008

obama magic

well everyone is anxiously watching over the U.S elections and this time the action seems to be happening on the democrats side..the republicans are done with their candidate as john Mccain and the action between obama and hillary doesnt refuse to buckle down with hillary winning the latest super tuesday votes in the much touted Ohio and Texas..
something in me wants to support barack obama and many of us do feel the same..he has broken all conventional ideals that a president should have and instead of getting exposed after one is in the president seat,he has accepted whatever he has to.the major confession came in his autobiography 'dreams from my father' where he has confessed that he has used marijuana earlier and experiment with it..well the book was published in 1996 whem he wouldnt have had any idea where he would be 12 years later but such a confession does require pure guts..born to a kenyan father and a kansas mother ,who divorced soon after..he embodies any commmon person who has problems like smoking and other things just like any mortal..he is someone who has robbed the washington of its unreachable purview to one where everyone can dream to get in ,given that one has really done well..
to a person barack obama is more closer to a normal human being than say a hillary,who is riding on the first lady wave..whats more interesting is that barack obama has even studied in madrassa in indonesia for a couple of years and his power right now will impress anyone and can inspire any soul..he is 46 right now and portrays the youth better than any other candidate..
however todays verdict on Ohio and Texas have been favourable towards hillary and it just heats up the race for the democrats choosing of their candidate..
just recently,i guess yesterday ,i read an interesting article about the fame of obama spreading like never before.the global language monitor(GLM)recently came out with a report stating that people are using new words with obama in it and the predictive quantities indicator(PQI),which tracks the frequency and usage of the word has come out with very interesting words coming up in the net..they are:-
Obamamentum, Obamacize, Obamarama, Obamanation, Obamanomics, Obamican, O bamafy, Obamamania, and Obamacam..there is a word called obamazon too that means an ardent female follower of obama..
i dont know why i am going on about obama so much but then there is a certain connect that i feel obama has with the people and that kind of chord,i personally,have never felt..why should i otherwise care for who wins in america..he even shared the stage with elen degeneres recently and pulled out many moves with ellen which left the whole audience dazzled..that is the energy and connect he establishes with the people..
do not consider me anti feminist or gender biased ,in fact i am anything but them,hillary,i feel doesnt have the warmth and the charisma to carry of the post..not that george bush has had any of them but whenever hillary says something it just feels as if its a repeat of whatever the earlier presidents have kept on saying..whereas obama brings in a fresh change..go obama go!!

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