Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gd/pi at Siib

So after tHe interview was dOne i ran to tHe refreshment room to latch on to something and to my dismay i just found a poor cold samosa lying there and haD only that..there was a half an hour essaY on computers ,if we have become prisoners to modern day technology..well i think no..after that they verified all tHe certificates and i thanked my coordinator for his support .his name was shubojit i guess..everything got over by 12 30 and i haD to go to dehu and reach my goa bus by 4 30.from Hinjewadi one doesnt get direct bus to dehu cos Hinjewadi is a totally company spread place and each company has their own conveyance for travel.i went to tHe bus stop.haD on idea where to go next and caught an auto to a place called aundh.from there another bus to a place called shivaji nagar.from their to tHe station and i found that tHe next train is only after an i caught up on some lunch nearby and waited for tHe train.i reached dehu and then cAME to tHe place called here goa bus haD to come with a guy called Nimesh.from that place we were taken to a place called swargate and from there i started my journey to goa iN tHe actual bus..

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