Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Vada paav @ ahmednagar anD i realise tHe WOrlD is fLaT too.

FinAlly..i knew..i shoUlD haVE haD somEthing when i stArtEd from puNE.well.i haD thoUght thaT its a 3 hr joUrney maximum aND it turnEd OUt to be a minimumu 5 hr jOUrnEy.still iN mY 3rd hoUr i guEss.tHe BUs haD stOpped somEwhere earlier when i haD BlOggEd,and i waS fEEling a little huNgry.i thoUghT i haD tHe stEel to last tHe joUrnEy without mUch fOOd.but did nt mY stomach swEAr Words at mE after a whiLe.?it was a relief wheN i saW tHe BUs stOpping at ahmednagar.withoUt tHe LEast OF hesitation i screAmEd Out tO a Vada paaV vEndor from tHe BUs and he was linE eNough to coME anD givE it to ME anD eveN givE OF chaNge for 100.god bless thaT guY. So here i waS iN tHE lAst seAt with NONe aroUND anD VAda paaV with mE.noNE being aroUND gave OF abSoLuTely 100per ceNt freEDOM ANd libErty to shove anY eAting etiquettes anD mannErs oUt OF THe winDow anD i lAunChed a fuLl On war with tHe fOoD with mY eageR fingers anD within a couplE OF minUtEs i eMErged as tHe vicTOr.poor VADa paaV haD surreNDered preTtY MEekly.a guY with water anD dRinks camE anD askEd if i wanted it.tHe waTEr braNd reAD'pure water' or soMEthing likE thaT anD i dismisseD it thaT timE itseLF As if i waS broUght up on aQuafina ,my whole liFe.bUt as it happens oFten you nEeD somEthing afTer you saW No, tHe firsT timE anD saME happeNEd to ME.i wisheD i haD noT AcTEd so hi fi anD shoUlD have haD thaT watEr,espeCiaLlY aFter tHE way i aTE THe fOoD.
AnYways TAlkin aboUt ahmednagar,it was a plAcE ,that i reAd,waS OnCe very diFficult to comMute to.it was mattEd with a thick forEst coVer and tHe roAds almost Non existEnt.onE haD to praY a LOT bEfore going foR such a joUrnEy but noW i seE , i FeEL likE tHe whoLe plAce,whaTEver i hAVE reAd,has beeN cUt copy anD pastEd somEwhere.i seE hoardings OF max nEw York life insuraNce,an birtEl hoArding telling thaT all cALls are charged only re 1,i seE bajaj anD hero honDa showRoOms to name a few autOmobile shoWroOms..wait wait,i seE stOCk brokers likE moTilal oswal.religare anD a LOT More de mat operatOrs..wait wait..here comEs tHe icing on tHe caKe..i EveN seE an eXcLusiVE adidAS shoWroOm go by..glObalisation theY Call it and i agreE rigHt aWay.i couLDnt haVE agreEd moRe wheN thomas freidman terMEd tHe phrAse 'tHe wOrlD is fLaT'!

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