Saturday, February 9, 2008


i reached tHe campus around 7 and was around 90 minutEs early .i will straight away start with tHe proceedings cos last two times i typed a LOT and tHe mobile jus went off iN between and i lost all data.
Group process
We were broken into groups OF 4 and we were all taken into a room with tHe moderator welcoming us and telling us that we were gona play a game.however it reminded ME OF tHe grand master iN tHe movie SAW who puts people iN fatal games where there is no other way to win tHe game other than hurting oneself very badly.
This game was nothing like it though.we were given envelopes iN which 3 to 4 plastic pieces iN tHe form OF triangle and rectangles were there..we haD to circulate those pieces within ourselves and iN tHe end everyone haD to have a square and iN between all this there COULD not be any communication OF any sorts.onE would offer his pieces to tHe other and if COULD accept it or refuse it as he pleased.

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