Tuesday, February 5, 2008

On a different lAne.

So noW i am oFf to shirdi.had to get up reAlly early today around 8 to catch up all tHe trains.got ready and took a ticket till some shivaji station,my AUnt accompanied Me till there .not that i insisted but she wanted to see Me through till i geT a bUs.i wOulD have loved to do it alonE but it was Necessary that i allowed her to accompany me for her peace OF mind and mY MoM s too.they care abOut Me,a LOT..and when i say a lot,i reAlly mEan it.i thinK that is onE thing when u r tHe only sibling iN yOur fAmily.u get cared a lot and tHe best part is you get spoilt a LOT too.
Well ,there was a hell OF a LOT OF rush iN tHe train and after we reached tHe station ,tHe bus stop was close by itself from where i tOok tHe bus to shirdi and am currently iN it.
One thing that i noTiced about tHe people here is that they are loud and beleive me they really are.its like i asked this fellow close by as to how much time it will tAke to shirdi, iN a low voice,because i dint want to souNd like a person who was new to all this and dint know anythin.and this guy thinks for somE timE and screams oUt so loudly'shirdi do bajey ko aane ka' iN a perfect bombay Ishtyle that tHe conductor who was taking ticKEtS from everyone doesnt even bothEr to ask Me where i am going and straight away gives ticket to shirdi,as almost everyone iN tHe bus heard my deAr friend nExt to me.i hAVE A Doubt that even tHe car iN tHe laNe on tHE oTher side migHt haVE stuMbled.but everyone,eventhough loud,are acTive and lovely and not as hostIlE as theY sound.you hear alMost everyone addressing each oTher as bhau,taai,kaaka..no mAtter whaT tHe situAtion is..
RigHt Now tHe bUs has comE to somE stOp.and everyone gets up and i am tHe onLy OnE iN tHe BaCK seAt.guEss its gona be a long journEy.
But anyways i am moving somewhere instead OF being dormant at onE plAce and that is somEthing i will go for anyday..

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