Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Shirdi triP OVEr too..whaT lieS aheAd.?lEts seE..

So..herE i am righT NoW going baCK to puNE after a greAt shirdi viSit.bliss!thaT suMs up tHe whoLE journEy.a sign boArd passes by indicating that mumbai is 228 km.somE oTher timE i tEll mYseLF.listEning to red hoT chilli pepper s nEw Album stADium arcadium.wOnDerful alBum.aLthoUgh i am noT a die hard fAN OF eNglish mUsic,i think thiS AlBuM is wOnDerful.heY heY i jUst saW a bipASHA postEr iN froNt OF a saree stAll.well Only i bUNKE haVe recognised it because its 2 reAlly olD OnE and i am telling so because i have googled alMost all her pics on tHe NEt,thats whaT i dO when i am jobless,and thaT Means alMost all tHe timE.ok.i guess i wilL have to stOp going ga-ga ovEr bipASHA.eNough.!
I Forgot whaTever i waS MEntioning earlier!well tHe way tHe trip tO shirdi was nicE .i reAched arouNd 3 55 pm iN shirdi anD as soOn as i opeNEd tHe bus dOor,there wEre peOplE trying to coax ME to kEep tHe shoEs anD geT freshenEd up at their plAce.well..not beCaUSe i waS looking miserable,bUt beCause iN tHe teMplE preMises fOot wEar is noT ALlOwEd and with reCEnt bomB threAts iN shirdi tHe seCuritY is reAlly tighT anD mobilE,caMEra,handycam..all are banNEd..becAUse i haVE beeN heRE eArlier , it was kinDa eAsy For ME to finD my way OnCe i goT dOwn at tHe this AgeNt from tHe plAcE followed ME till tHe teMplE trying to cOnvinCe ME to put up aT their plAce.aFter a whilE i guEss he unDerstood thaT it was a wAste OF timE,aNd probaBLy thaT i am mUch smArtEr thaN i lOoK;)so i wEnt to tHe hoTel where we haD BEEn eArlier ,onE reAson wAs thaT it was aDjAcEnt to tHe samadhi teMplE thaT is tHe mAin plAcE.bUt beCaUse i wAS alOnE anD Not coming froM a ruNaWay mArriage o somEthing,there was On roOm cos tHe onLy roOM lEft was a familY roOm anD wEll i reAllY DOnt NEed a familY roOm as such givEn tHe magnitude OF My sizE.but theN tHe guY shoWEd ME a plAcE where i cOUlD geT a roOm anD i did geT it there,bUt was a littlE saD i guEss cos i cOULD not seE tHe proCEedings oUtside,aTlEast thaTs whaT i thoUght.he gave Me mY roOm No 7 keY anD escOrtEd till tHe seCOnD fLoor anD guEss whaT..i COULD seE tHe goLDen tOmB OF tHe tEMplE so clEarly thaT I wAS eLaTEd.
WEll tHe roOm wAs noThing mUCh to writE aboUt,it was fOr whaT it was mEANt to be.a singlE persoN wAs More likE a booT CaMp roOm.jUst with tHe basic light anD fan anD a bed to slEep upon.well i dint nEed tHe roOm mUch too.i wOuLd be cheCking oUt tHe nExt Morning at 6.
So i tooK A quick baTh and wEnt On to tHe mAin teMplE anD saW tHe eveNing 6 o clock arati anD thaT toO from tHe FronT, wAs proUD OF MyseLF thaT atLEAst somEwhere i wAS eArly.anD it feLt beAutifUl anD abSoLUtEly peAcEful.there is rush aNytimE here.anD loTs OF LAdies iN tHe seperate roW fOr theM wEre finding it prEttY hard to finD their way.if i am Not wrong i saW a coUplE OF theM FAlling too.WEll rush is soMething thaT you haVE to cope up with anYwhere,i kinDa likE it too trying to finD My OWn after tHe arati i wEnt aroUNd tHe plAce to All tHe oTher plAcEs anD haD a wOnDerfull dinnEr from a restAuraNt there.aFter cOmin tO puNe i have bECOmE a vegetAriaN i guEss.i am haVing so mUch OF paLak ie spinach,cos thats soMEthing i ve MisseD iN coimbatore.aFter dinnEr i wEnt to tHe mAsjid anD was thEre tilL 12 at nighT.
OnE reAson i love tHe mAsjid iN here is thaT it seNds oUt suCh a bEAutiful Message OF onE reLigiOn,onE goD anD is an amaZing eXamplE OF freeDom.eveNthough its a mosquE it is namEd as DWAarakamai,that is a plAcE where tHe hinDu lord krishna was boRn.its bEAutiful if onE reAliser tHe mEAning it seNDs oUt.thEre is a 'WE' feEling aLl aroUND anD thaT is onE reAson thaT i Enjoy coming here.
By tHe timE i cAME back to mY roOM it wAs likE i wAS fLying.i couLdnt FeEl mY FeEt beCame nUMb.mY auNT haD insistEd thaT i tAkE somEthing wArm with mE but bEing tHe persoN i am i wANted to conVey a mEssage that i caN haNDle it.wrong timE to Do so i thoUght lAter as i cringed anD craMped iN tHe bEd.i FOot knoW whaT happeNed aFter thaT cos i goT up wheN My mom CaLlEd mE up at 3 iN tHe Morning!thaT was to mAkE sure thaT i ATTEnd tHe MoRning arati aT 5 15.wEll i goT up anD wEnt to tHe tEMplE with a bUNch OF beautiful reD roses to OFfEr.after reAching eArly yEstErday i tOok it fOr graNted thaT i wilL be earlY befOre a LOT OF peOplE ,hmmm.,sooN i fOund thaT it wAs NoT to be anD eveN thoUgh i wAS eArlY bEfOre a LOT OF PeOplE ,tHe only difFeRence was that those peOple wEre stAnding iN fronT OF Me.hoWever everything wAs OVer iN an hoUr anD i visitEd tHe whoLe plAcE again iN anOTher hoUr anD MEt an inTeresting persoN too.i wilL leavE it fOr tHe nExt BlOg proBaBly.because i haD a LOT to tAlK tO thaT guY,infact i haD a LOT to listEn froM him.

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