Saturday, February 9, 2008

Siib morning..

So here i am again waiting foR a bus to Hinjewadi and now its only 6 anD tHe bus is supposed to comE at 6 30.that mEans i am absolutely alone at tHe stop with tHe cold falling heaVily on tHe open deserted roads .i cant MoVE my fingers right noW as they are numb but somEhow i aM feeLing very happy.i aM waiting fOR tHe no100 bus and as i tOld earlier i aM alone ,standing with a bag and all formals with shirt and tie and it feels pretty odd .every bus that comes from tHe turn ,i hope comes here but it either pulls up somewhere iN front OF me or goEs to tHe other lane.
I have to get doWn at tHe phase 1 OF tHe rajiv gandhi infotech park and going by what peoPle said its a huge park and once you are inside it, one can only has all I.T biggies inside it anD is a huge plAce.
I aM really not impressEd with Siib s cant even get on linE iN their phone and that too on a day when there will be a LOT OF OF now one person just told OF that tHe bus will come at 7 but i know it will be here earlier.
I hope tHe interview process is short and that they dont bore much because i need to catch a bus at 4 50 to guess where..GOA..its been a great moNTh all together and surprises dont seem to stop.
And i just pass tHe meteorological department flash board where tHe currEnt temperature is being shown as 11.7 degree and changes to 11.8 and changes back to 11.7 ,this keeps on happening till tHe bus eventually notes ahead.its still dark and i guess its not very often that i aM up before tHe sun is and today is one OF those is cold right noW and i just wish that someone takes up tHe place next to me so that i feel a bit warmer but i guess i aM enjoying this cold too,it feels really nice and i wish i ll be a part OF it soon.tHe horizons are changing their shade from that OF black to a blue.
Its 7 30 right noW and i aM sitting iN tHe symbiosis infotech campus with tHe crowd OF people starting to pour iN.i really hope that they do have a coffee inside or else i will be iN that freeze even while giving tHe interview.that is somewhat tHe Case as iN sibm where they were questioning ME and i was more concerned as to make myself warm.

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